By Patrick B. Craine

May 19, 2009 ( – The Ontario State Council of the Knight of Columbus passed a resolution at their annual general meeting this weekend pledging to support in a number of ways the annual March for Life in Ottawa.

The resolution comes days after the 12th annual March for Life took place in Ottawa, marking the 40th anniversary of legalized abortion in Canada. This year’s march smashed all previous records of attendance, with 12,000 participants. Thousands more pro-lifers participated in regional marches across the country.

However, the Knights of Columbus said in the passed resolution that the numbers should continue to grow, sending a strong message to Parliament and the media that cannot be ignored.

The resolution declares:

“A large impact upon Parliamentarians, the media and individuals is necessary if we are to convince our fickle politicians that yes, we the people want some action taken. The numbers we have now cover about three quarters of Parliament Hill, and we march with banners and signs on the downtown main streets of Ottawa. The major newspapers still ignore the Event. Our only choice is to make this event much larger: We must spill over into the streets of Ottawa with not 8,000 but 80,000.”

“THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED,” the resolution concludes, “that to effect the much larger numbers required to get Canada’s attention, we must have every District make it a priority, in February each year, to press councils throughout Ontario to partner with their area parishes on this issue.”

The Knights have resolved to accomplish the goal of boosting the numbers at the march through several means, including encouraging pastors, CWLs, and KofC members to strongly support the march.

In their most concrete commitment, however, the Knights resolved to subsidize local bus trips to the march as well as bus trips from high schools throughout Ontario.

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