By John-Henry Westen

  TORONTO, September 17, 2007 ( – Xtra, a Canadian homosexual newspaper has published interviews with political party leaders from the province of Ontario.  Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty was not available for the interview but sent the paper written comments in which he boasted of his role in bringing homosexual ‘marriage’ to the province.

“Together, we moved early in our mandate to pass legislation that allows gays and lesbians to recognize their love through marriage,” wrote McGuinty in comments published September 6. 

  The Liberal Leader also boasted of the practicing homosexuals in his cabinet.  “I’m proud of the fact that George Smitherman is Ontario’s Deputy Premier and Health Minister, and I’m proud that Kathleen Wynne has strengthened our schools as Ontario’s Education Minister,” he said.  “Both have been a strong voice in my government for Ontario’s gay and lesbian community.”

  The Liberal Leader has frequently touted his Catholic faith, while at the same time repeatedly indicating he is very comfortable with his statements and government policies against serious Catholic teachings on life and family.  In May the Premier got into hot water with Catholic groups for making “disturbing” remarks about the Catholic faith.  (see coverage: )

The Premier has not faced any sanctions from Ontario’s Catholic Church leadership and is welcomed in Catholic institutions and in Catholic churches for mass and communion.

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