By Gudrun Schultz

LONDON, Ontario, January 6, 2006 ( – The London Public Library responded to drug use in its Central branch by installing needle disposal units in convenient locations.

The library also offers information promoting homosexuality, both in literature and on their website.

Disposal units were installed in the library, in the men’s public washrooms, during December 2005. Library staff was finding used needles plugging the drains, on the floor and in the sanitary napkin disposal units.

Louis Dillon, who uses the library regularly, told the London Free Press he’s afraid the disposal units could act as a magnet for drug addicts.

“I know there is a public health issue, but I don’t think the public library is the place for this. There are too many children,” Dillon said.

The library offers numerous programs for children six years and older that do not require the presence of a parent or caregiver. Library staff offer supervision.

The taxpayer funded facility has recently been criticized for advocating the homosexual lifestyle with publications and displayed material. Vito Norejko, a library patron, wrote a letter to chief executive officer Anne Baker yesterday, objecting to the use of promotional material on gay, lesbian and bisexual literature and asking that it be categorized as “for adults only” to ensure children and youth do not have access to it.

In fact, the library’s website promotes and encourages homosexuality among teenagers.

The “teen zone” section of the library’s website offers teenagers resources on sexuality. Of the eight sites listed, four actively encourage the homosexual lifestyle.

One suggested resource is SpiderBytes, a teen sex education site. The site contains extensive information on homosexuality and encourages same-sex experimentation, telling teens to “remind yourself that same-sex experiences are normal for everyone.”
  The site also offers detailed information on dealing with teen pregnancy through abortion and contains incorrect and misleading information on abortion procedures. It states that surgical procedures take 10 to 15 minutes, and involve the use of “gentle suction.”

In fact, such procedures involve the use of suction force 29 times stronger than that of a vacuum cleaner.

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