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Ontario MPP Randy Hillier addresses crowd at 'No More Lockdown' rally at Queen's Park, Toronto, November 26, 2020. Lianne Laurence / LifeSiteNews

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March 24, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Outspoken Independent Ontario MPP Randy Hillier said in a powerful video message that people’s “compliance and obedience” perpetuates Wuhan coronavirus lockdowns and it will only end when people “stand up” and take back their freedoms.  

“It ought to be apparent to everyone by now that as we enter into our second year of lockdowns, regardless of how much you obey, how much, regardless of how much you comply with these outrageous unlawful measures and orders, the covid lockdown will not end. It will not end until people stand up and assert their freedoms and uphold our constitution and the rule of law,” commented Hillier in a video message posted to his Twitter page on Monday.

In Hillier’s video message, he said the current COVID measures in place “ostensibly for COVID are not for COVID at all,” and that there is “no reason to fear or consider others dangerous.”

“There is little risk for anyone from COVID unless you are very elderly, very sick, and in long-term care. Those are the people who are facing a severe risk. We need to realize that this will not end until we say so,” said Hillier.

“For all those who are complying … Your compliance and obedience perpetuates the shutdown, the lockdown and the end of our freedoms. Join the resistance. Join no more Let's get together and live our lives.”

The province of Ontario has a five-tier system of color-coded lockdown levels. All color sections place some restrictions on outdoor gatherings. 

Hillier serves as the MPP for Lanark — Frontenac — Kingston, which was moved to the “red control” level of lockdown on March 22. 

He blasted the move of his area into the “red” zone and also took a swipe at Ontario Premier Doug Ford as well as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“We have had all our health units emboldened and empowered by a weak Premier, by a weak Prime Minister, by weak Premiers and elected representatives everywhere in our country,” Hillier said. “They are cowardly, they are timid, they are uninformed, and they have allowed our public health units and public health officials to make outrageous and unwarranted measures that are the hallmark of authoritarian regimes.” 

Ford booted Hillier from the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario before the coronavirus, in 2019, for alleged comments he made to a parent of a child with autism. Hillier has stated that it is of his opinion he was booted from caucus because of differences with two of Ford’s senior advisers.

As for Hillier, he has been a fiercely outspoken critic of Wuhan virus lockdowns and government responses enacted because of them, and has repeatedly stated that there is “little risk” from the coronavirus unless one is elderly, very sick, or in a long-term care home.  

Hillier is part of the non-partisan “End the Lockdowns National Caucus,” which says it is a group “unified in pursuit of the truth, and resolved to ensure there is open, honest, and public debate regarding the COVID-19 government response.”

Founding members of the group include Hillier, People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, and independent MP Derek Sloan, who was booted from the federal Conservative Party recently. 

Hillier is not the only Ontario politician who has spoken out against Wuhan virus lockdowns. 

Independent Ontario MPP Roman Baber was recently booted from the PC party by Ford for opposing COVID lockdowns. He is now suing the government for restrictions around outdoor prayer and gatherings.

Ontario Dr. Kulvinder Gill, who has been vocal on social media in speaking out against lockdowns and vaccines, was warned by her local physicians’ college that her viewpoints are “irresponsible behavior” spreading “misleading information” about the virus.

In October, Dr. Stephen Malthouse, a Canadian doctor in British Columbia with more than 40 years of experience in family medicine, made headlines for writing to his province’s top doctor to blast the government’s coronavirus lockdown policy.

In January, Malthouse was part of 13 doctors who wrote to Ford to blast lockdowns and his booting of Baber. 

Dr. Gil Nimni, a York, Ontario emergency room (ER) physician, said lockdowns that send people into “financial ruin,” are not the “answer” to the coronavirus crisis, and that he shakes his head at co-workers who go on social media “ranting” about a full emergency room.