TORONTO, June 2 (LSN) – NDP MPP Frances Lankin is fuming over the stoppage of abortions at St. Michaels Hospital’s   newly merged Wellesley site. Today’s Toronto Sun reports her as saying, “That’s 1,000 to 1,500 abortion procedures   per year that will no longer be available to this community.”  Outraged that the Tory government has allowed St.  Mike’s the choice not to commit abortions Lankin said, “the silence (from Health Minister Elizabeth Witmer) is   deafening.”  The NDP has called on the Tories to force the Catholic hospital to violate its principles and permit abortions at   its Wellesley site. NDP health critic Marion Boyd ridiculed the Catholic faith and insisted on the abortion pill   being made available. “A woman who experienced a broken condom, or God forbid, is raped, no longer has access to   the morning-after pill because St. Mike’s won’t allow it,” she said.  Health Minister Elizabeth Witmer noted that abortions are widely available at numerous non-Catholic hospitals in   the area.  Pro-life leaders hope government MPPs realize that all this wind from the NDP is not representative of the public’s   attitude on the issue. Pro-abortion advocates traditionally make a lot of noise, with the help of their media friends,  to give a very inflated view of their support. The use of extreme exaggeration and downright deceit are also typically   used to to advance the abortion agenda.