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Concerned citizens calling for a by-election outside of a Waterloo Catholic District School Board meetingCampaign Life Coalition / Rumble

KITCHENER, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — The Waterloo Catholic District School Board (WCDSB)  is arguing that hosting a by-election to replace now-resigned anti-Christian trustee Wendy Ashby is too expensive, and wants to appoint a new member instead. 

On May 25, parents and concerned citizens gathered outside the WCDSB meeting to demand a by-election to select a replacement for Ashby, who resigned after weeks of backlash when it was discovered she had made disparaging remarks calling white Christian males “the most dangerous creature on the planet.”

“The Director of Education, Tyrone Dowling, and the majority of the trustees are trying to deny parents their democratic rights,” CLC’s Jack Fonseca told LifeSiteNews. 

“They’re trying to secure for themselves the right to appoint a successor to the disgraced ex-trustee, Wendy Ashby,” he continued, adding that he believes the board intends to appoint “another woke, radical extremist in the mold of the anti-Christian bigot, Wendy Ashby.” 

“That’s the real reason they don’t want to allow a by-election,” Fonseca declared. “They don’t want voters to elect a real Catholic who’s faithful to Church teaching.” 

Although there are regular elections to appoint trustees, when a trustee resigns mid-term, the usual protocol is for the board to appoint a new trustee. However, this time, parents want to ensure that the new trustee will represent family values, especially as WCDSB did not seem opposed to Ashby’s anti-Christian and racist views.  

However, WCDSB argues that the cost of an election is estimated at $240,000, to which Fonseca suggested that the board “fire your entire equity and inclusion Department. They are a bunch of woke left-wing anti-Catholic lunatics most likely and save that salary and use that to pay it.” 

“The excuses were very poor,” he added, “We need democracy. There’s three and a half years left in the term and to have a non-elected un-democratically appointed person for three and a half years is totally nuts and disrespectful.” 

Fonseca revealed that Cambridge trustee Marissa Phillips put forward a motion to hold a by-election, but it was voted down five to three. 

“How can you put a price on democracy?” another former WCDSB trustee candidate Conrad Stanley questioned as he protested outside the board meeting. “The only way I think that we’re going to bring healing to this board and really ensure transparency and accountability and make sure that people feel like they have had a say in what is going to happen to the board now that this trustee stepped down is to have a by-election.” 

Ashby’s anti-Christian position came to light in mid-April when a tweet surfaced in which the trustee wrote, “The most dangerous creature on the planet is the white Christian male. They’re a threat to anyone that is not them.” 

CLC followed with an online petition breaking down Ashby’s remarks and demanding her immediate removal from the school board. 

In the now-viral video posted to Twitter by CLC, Rebel News reporter David Menzies can be seen asking board chair Tracey Weiler about Ashby’s tweets. 

Menzies read aloud Ashby’s remarks vilifying white Christian males and asked, “Does this board condemn or approve this statement?” 

No member of WCDSB answered. Instead, a moderator tried to shut Menzies down by warning him that “such behavior would result in your removal from this proceeding should it continue.” 

As Menzies pushed for a response, supported by cheers from the crowd, the trustees gathered their belongings and left the room. 

After the release of the viral video, WCDSB banned CLC and Rebel News from their next meeting and served CLC’s Myles Vosylius a legal trespassing notice reiterating the terms of his ban. 

In May, Ashby eventually resigned after over 3,000 parents called for her removal from the board.  

However, even as she resigned, Ashby refused to apologize, claiming, “The outrageous rage baiting campaign that has been playing out illustrates the exact kind of harassment and online bullying that so many kids experience.”