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PERTH, Ontario, September 23, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — An Ontario politician blasted Premier Doug Ford and his medical experts for ignoring what he says is the real cost of continuing coronavirus restrictions: loss of freedom, government overreach, loss of the rule of law, loss of ability to earn a living, rising suicides and despair — all for the sake of a “false sense of security.”  

In an email to constituents last week, Independent MPP Randy Hillier decried Ford’s Bill 195 as legislating ongoing state of emergency powers that allow members of the “COVID Command Table” to enact restrictions with no oversight or involvement from elected representatives.

The famously outspoken MPP for the rural south-east riding Lanark, Frontenac and Kingston also released a video detailing why he vehemently opposes this state of affairs in Canada’s most populous province.

“Without debate or vote, we have embraced arbitrary rules. We have thrown away the rule of law. We have accepted unaccountable authority instead of representative government. We have empowered governments to deprive people of their businesses, employment and livelihoods,” said Hillier.

“Socialism is neither a cure nor a remedy for COVID.”

Ford has refused to disclose the identities of the members of the Command Table or to release the group’s “agenda, minutes, or communications,” Hillier wrote in his email.

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government “remains shielded from accountability and transparency,” and many MPPs “remain reluctant to speak out for fear of reprisal and removal,” asserted Hillier.

That fear is well-grounded given that Cambridge MPP Belinda Karahalios was ousted from the caucus in July for voting against Bill 195.

Hillier wasn’t similarly treated because he was permanently expelled from caucus in March 2019 for comments he allegedly made to a parent of a child with autism after question period in February. He contends he was removed over his differences with two of Ford’s senior advisors.

An electrician, former property rights activist and MPP for 13 years, Hillier accuses “corporate interests” of “profiting from and prolonging” people’s fear of the coronavirus, and the Ford government and its experts of ignoring the data.

“The evidence is clear and without a doubt: the probability of becoming sick or dying from COVID presents little risk to 99 percent of our population. And of those who may fall ill, 99 percent are expected to recover,” he said in his video.

“This is not the catastrophic models predicted seven months ago. But it is the facts today.”

The WHO’s declaration of a pandemic and Ontario’s declaration of an emergency in March was seen as a “necessary response to an imminent, credible and grave risk to our lives, our safety and our security,” said Hillier.

“But in our haste, by ignoring our past experiences, our history, we compounded this threat. We did not rely on facts, but on speculation.” 

More crucially, people stopped thinking for themselves and relied on the opinions of experts, who, along with the government, appear to be oblivious to the fallout from their decisions.

“The cost was of no concern, unimportant and irrelevant in the face of COVID. Expediency was their only solution,” Hillier asserted. 

“But we all know in life we ignore consequences at our peril.”

The price Ontarians are paying now and will pay for generations is “far more costly” than the undeniable financial hardships, warned Hillier.

“The costs include our freedom to have a dissenting voice, to have honest, forthright discussions, free from censorship, to find truth; our personal responsibility to take care of ourselves, our family and our health; our rights as free men and women to congregate together either in worship, prayer or party,” he said.

The costs also include “our elderly and sick loved ones who are isolated and left alone; our liberty to move freely between house or cottage, between towns and provinces to seek better employment or to visit our loved ones, grieve the passing of our friends and family members, or to celebrate the uniting of our children in marriage,” added Hillier.

Moreover, “our social fabric and cohesion is being stressed with tragic increases in suicides, overdose deaths, domestic violence, depression, anxiety, and despair. And we are forsaking our youth and future generations, ensuring they will never have what we have,” he said.

“It is a cost that is too high a price for me to promote or accept.”

Hillier said he has sworn an oath of office four times to uphold the constitution and serve his some 100,000 constituents, who have given him “overwhelming support” since he was first elected in 2007.

“But I will never ask that our children and grandchildren pay with their future for our false sense of security today,” he said.

“Never again can we allow the common men and women of Canada to become second class citizens in our own country and to be lorded over and subjected to an unelected, unaccountable group of bureaucrats and experts.”

The 62-year-old MPP urged those who support him to back that up with action.

“I cannot do this alone. I need your support if we are going to change the current narrative and move societal interests back towards normalcy. I need you to write to your MP, your MPP, your municipal councils and Health Units,” Hillier wrote to constituents.

He asked people to “counter the falsehoods and fear that is currently driving the public agenda” on social media, in  letters to the editor, and in discussions “with friends, family, and neighbours.”

Meanwhile, Canada’s chief medical officer Dr. Theresa Tam alleged Tuesday that based on federal modelling, Canada is “at a crossroads” and that unless Canadians observe social distancing, mask mandates and stay away from social gatherings, there will be a marked uptick in cases by October 2, CTVNews reported.

Tam said that with increased testing and the ability to pinpoint so-called “hot spots” where cases are on the rise, blanket restrictions are not in order, but local officials in affected areas might consider implementing further measures.

Ford also alleged Tuesday that a “second wave” of the virus is coming and it will be “more challenging than before because the flu season is starting soon and people are heading indoors again.” His government is implementing a $70 million flu shot campaign and in the next few days will unveil more of its plans to combat this expected second wave, CTV News reported.

The premier announced last Friday that social gatherings in Ottawa, Toronto, and the Peel Region cannot exceed 10 people indoors and 25 outdoors due to a rise in reported cases in those areas. 

While the data shows that positive COVID-19 cases have risen in the past few weeks, hospitalization rates, including ICU admissions, as well as deaths, have remained low in Ontario, with the province reporting 53 people in hospital because of COVID-19 and 21 of them in ICU, including 12 on ventilators, LifeSite’s Anthony Murdoch reported then. 

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