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YORK, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) – In an emotional video message, Independent Ontario MPP Roman Baber said “half baked” and “radical left-wing” COVID-19 rules and mandates have no place in Canada, and that people should never be forced to do something against their will.  

Baber made the comments via a Twitter video posted yesterday called “The Calls – Part 1,” saying overbearing COVID rules have lead to a “disaster” at the makings of governments.  

“We’ve been experiencing this COVID – I call it COVID paralysis – we’ve had COVID paralysis now for almost two years. Everything’s a disaster, but so much of this paralysis, so much of this disaster right now is being caused by humans, by government, by institutions,” said Baber. 

“You can’t force people to do anything against their will. It’s a half-baked, radical left-wing proposition that you can institute some sort of an ideal society in the way that you would want to design it. It doesn’t happen.” 

In his video, Baber said that recently he has been “taking calls and meetings all day with constituents and even people that are not constituents” regarding COVID jab mandates.  

He shared a story of how a woman called him, scared, saying her husband had an adverse reaction to the jab. 

“And he’s afraid of getting the second shot, but he’s going to be terminated in ten days from now unless he takes a shot.”  

Baber then blasted jab mandates and the efficacy of the coronavirus shots.  

“Why do we insist that people do something against their will or else would cost them their jobs and would do it knowing that the efficacy of the vaccine wanes after six to eight months and would do it even though we know that people that are vaccinated also transmit the virus?” asked Baber.  

“Why do we force people to do something against their will when the vaccine doesn’t stop transmission and it wanes after six to eight months just for the sake of having them comply,” Baber reiterated.  

Baber was booted from the Progressive Conservative Party by Ontario Premier Doug Ford for opposing COVID lockdowns earlier in the year. While Baber has taken coronavirus shots himself, he opposes them being mandated.  

Recently, Baber launched a petition to go along with his “Jobs and Jabs” bill introduced to the Ontario Legislature that would stop employers from discriminating against employees who choose not to get the COVID-19 injections.  

His petition had well over 120,000 signatures; however, despite the public support, Baber said it was with “sadness” that he had to convey his “Jobs and Jabs” bill was not moved forward to second or third reading. 

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HELP AUSTRALIANS restore their freedom by protesting outside the Australian High Commission - Dec. 4th - CAN
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Freedom-loving Australians are sending out an urgent call for help, a veritable SOS.

Over the past year and a half, Australia's democracy has been replaced by a type of medical fascism which has grasped control of power by using police state tactics.

In that time, freedoms have been curtailed or suppressed altogether and human rights have been abused, often with the use of the police force.

Please WATCH this video from our friends at Reignite Democracy Australia to better understand how BAD it is right now in Australia.

And, the situation just continues to deteriorate, so much so that our friends Down Under are now asking for outside help.

We simply must come to their aid! But, what can we do?

Please consider participating in the following two action items:

1) SAVE THE DATE and ATTEND a Pro-Freedom Rally on DEC. 4th (12pm, local time) at the Australian High Commission in Ottawa, (address below), or at an Australian consulate office in one of the cities listed below

2) Please SIGN and SHARE this petition, directed to The Acting High Commissioner of Australia to Canada, Ms Katherine Ruiz-Avila, asking her to:

  • End the lockdowns in Australia
  • End police brutality in Australia
  • End mandatory vaccinations in Australia
  • Restore the freedoms of speech, assembly and travel in Australia

Remember, after signing, please make a note of this important date and time (and address, below): Saturday, December 4th, 2021, 12pm.

And, please commit to peaceful protest in support of Australian freedom at one of the locations below on that date!

Our friends Down Under are reaching their limits. So, we must now join them in their struggle to retain their freedoms and human rights against police brutality and medical dictatorship.

Thank you for taking part in this important campaign.


'‘SOS from Australia’: Freedom activists plead for political asylum from COVID regime' -

Click here to learn more about the the December 4th protest, including helpful messaging for signs you can make at home to take with you on the day:

LOCATIONS and PHONE NUMBERS of the Australian High Commission in Canada, as well as their consular offices in Toronto and Vancouver. [Please use the phone number to politely, but firmly object to the oppression of the people of Australia if you can't go to the protest in person.]:

High Commission - Ottawa, Ontario
Suite 1301 - 50 O'Connor Street 
13th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario, K1P 6L2
Telephone: +1 613 236 0841

Toronto Consulate
175 Bloor Street East
Suite 1100 - South Tower
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3R8
Telephone: +1 416 323 4280

Vancouver Consulate
Suite 2050 - 1075 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 3C9
Telephone: +1 604 694 6160

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He has vowed to continue to fight for his un-jabbed constituents, however.  

Baber’s website includes an area where one can join him to “end all lockdowns, restore access to health care, go back to work, revive our democracy and respect individual choice, while protecting long-term care and building hospital capacity.”  

In October, Ford walked back a mandate that all healthcare workers be jabbed or lose their jobs, citing the potential strain on the healthcare system this type of directive could cause.  

However, local Ontario health boards can come up with their COVID jab policies if they wish, and some have taken it upon themselves to implement jab obligations. 

Some large municipalities in Ontario, such as Toronto, have mandated the jabs for all city workers. 

Many private businesses in the province have enacted no-jab no work policies as well.  

Today, Health Canada approved the still experimental Pfizer COVID jab for kids aged 5 to 11.  

The COVID-19 injections approved for emergency use in Canada, including the Pfizer jab, all have connections to cells derived from aborted babies. 

Just recently, a Canadian physician from Alberta, Dr. Chris Gordillo, talked about the ill effects he has witnessed from the injections. 

“I’ve seen strokes, I’ve seen Bell’s palsy, I’ve seen a heart attack, blood clots, I’ve seen breathing disorders where people just cannot breathe after they’ve had these vaccines,” Gordillo said at an October rally in Edmonton. 

The COVID jab trials have never produced evidence that vaccines stop infection or transmission. They do not even claim to reduce hospitalization, but the measurement of success is in preventing severe symptoms of COVID-19. 

To find your Ontario MPP, click HERE. 

Main contact information for respectful communication: 

Premier Doug Ford Premier
(416) 325-1941 
[email protected]