By John-Henry Westen

  TORONTO, September 17, 2007 ( – Xtra, a Canadian homosexual newspaper has published interviews with political party leaders from the province of Ontario.  While Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty refused to answer questions but sent in a written statement, both Conservative Leader John Tory and NDP Leader Howard Hampton consented to an interview.

  During the interview, the paper asked about homosexual sex in a public park, and neither Tory nor Hampton took issue with the suggestion.

  In the interviews published September 6, the paper asked, “Xtra readers recently voted Queen’s Park the best place to have sex in public in Toronto and Xtra has made a plaque to honour this distinction. As premier, would you display it outside the legislature?”

  NDP Leader Hampton replied: “That would be an interesting plaque. Let me put it this way, I’d certainly want to see the plaque. Whether it deserves a place in the legislature or the park outside I’d have to look at, but I’d want to see the plaque first.” contacted the NDP to ask if Mr. Hampton or the NDP Party supported legalizing sex in public.  A press officer assured that an answer would be supplied, however no call was returned by press time.

  While Tory’s reply was less open to displaying the plaque, his remarks could in no way be perceived as negative toward the illegal activity of sex in public.  “I don’t think so. I don’t think it is something that I would like to see on the seat of government. There’s a lot of things that I probably wouldn’t put up in Queen’s Park, in a park that has a memorial to the veterans of war,” Tory replied. spoke with Tory’s media director Ingrid Thompson about the Xtra interview.  Thompson however refused to say specifically that the Party or Mr. Tory objected to sex in public.  Thompson would only say that the Party opposed lawbreaking generally.  Asked repeatedly for the Conservative Party or Mr. Tory’s stand specifically on gay sex in public, Thompson said, “I’m sceptical to be honest with you that we’ll be able to say more than that, obviously Mr. Tory is someone who stands for respecting the law.”

  Thompson also told that she had not heard of at least some aspects of the Xtra interview. “You’re telling me something that I had not heard before with respect to this interview,” she said.

  In the Xtra interview Mr. Tory was asked, “Why should a queer person vote for your party?”  In reply, Tory boasted of his leading the homosexual pride parade.  “I’ve been a person marching at the front of the parade, ensuring that human rights are enshrined and advanced and protected,” he said.  “I think if people look at my track record, the way I’ve led the party, that I will be not just a spokesperson but a powerful spokesperson.”

  Hampton told the paper that the NDP is committed to forcing Ontario taxpayers to fund sex-change operations.

  Calls to the Liberal Party of Ontario for their stand on gay sex in public were not returned by press time.

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