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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — Ontario will not follow Quebec’s lead in levying a discriminatory vaccine segregation tax on Ontarians who have not taken the experimental and abortion-tainted COVID jab, Premier Doug Ford promised.

Ford was asked on Wednesday whether he would follow his counterpart in Quebec, François Legault, after he announced plans to tax the unvaccinated. Responding to the question while visiting a Toronto Zoo vaccination clinic, he said, “We aren’t going down that road.”

Some are skeptical of Ford in this case, as he previously promised not to implement vaccine passports in the province, saying it would lead to a “split society,” only to renege on his word and bring in the segregation measures in September.

However, he recently told the province that schools would only be closed for two weeks, and sticking to his word, they are opening again next week.

Ontario Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kieran Moore was also asked whether the government was considering taxing the unvaccinated. He said that recommendation had not been made “to government ever,” and he called the measure “punitive.”

Moore was also asked if he believed that the idea of taxing the unvaccinated had any “public health value,” and he responded clearly that there was no value to be found in such a policy.

Critics and political pundits have said that they believe such a tax opens the door to other sorts of health taxes like taxing smokers or those who drink a lot.

In addition, such a measure could be demonstrably illegal, as the Canada Health Act stipulates that Canadians cannot be charged individual costs for health services provided by provincial health systems.

So far, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe have also said they would not be going down the road of taxing the unvaccinated.