Ontario Premier McGuinty Appoints Homosexual Activist as Health Minister

Thu Oct 23, 2003 - 12:15 pm EST

TORONTO, October 23, 2003 ( - Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal cabinet were sworn in today.  Among his roster of cabinet members, highly controversial homosexual activist and pro-abortion MPP George Smitherman was appointed Health Minister.

Smitherman’s background is so outrageous that his participation in Gay Pride parades and his public advocacy (already in 2000) of homosexual marriage pales in comparison.  The Toronto Sun reported in October 1999 that Smitherman protested a Toronto public-health department request for the John’s list from an escort agency whose prostitutes were found to be HIV positive. He and Toronto City Councillor Kyle Rae, also a homosexual activist, admitted to having had sex with HIV-infected men but said it was of no consequence since they wore condoms.  The Toronto Centre-Rosedale MPP bragged in campaign literature that he was the “first openly gay MPP”.  In response to a pro-life questionnaire for candidates, Smitherman told Campaign Life Coalition: “I believe in a woman’s right to make her own decisions about her reproductive health. And I’ll say so - in very clear terms, I am pro-choice.”  Smitherman led the charge on a Catholic high-school which refused to allow a male student to bring his homosexual boyfriend to the school prom.  With Smitherman acting as litigation guardian since the student was under 18, the student filed a $100,000 lawsuit against the school which resulted in an interim ruling requiring the school to allow the homosexual prom date.  When the school refused to back down as a result of the threat of a lawsuit, Smitherman warned it would threaten Catholic school funding and “embroil World Youth Day.”  Smitherman also went on record to oppose funding for independent schools saying they were ‘homophobic.”

The full list of Liberal cabinet appointments:  Greg Sorbara, Finance Minister George Smitherman - Health Minister Gerry Phillips—Chairman of Management Board   Dwight Duncan—Energy   Michael Bryant—Attorney General   Steve Peters—Agriculture   Marie Bountrogianni—Minister of Citizenship, head of a new Children’s Services Ministry   David Ramsay—Natural Resources   Monte Kwinter—Community Safety   Jim Watson—Consumer and Business Services   Harinder Takhar—Transportation   Christopher Bentley—Labour   Mary Anne Chambers—Training, Colleges and Universities   Sandra Pupatello - Community and Social Services   Leona Dombrowsky—Environment   Madeleine Meilleur - Culture, Francophone Affairs   John Gerretsen—Municipal Affairs   Joe Cordiano—Economic Development and Trade   Rick Bartolucci—Northern Development and Mines   Jim Bradley—Tourism and Recreation   David Caplan—Public Infrastructure and Renewal Dave Levac will be Chief Government Whip.  See the CTV coverage:

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