TORONTO, Feb 8 ( – The original writer of the letter signed by Ontario Premier Mike Harris to an Ontario voter this month is unknown. Nevertheless, it sounds remarkably similar to the comments made by his Attorney General, Charles Harnick, to justify the Tories’ imprisonment of Linda Gibbons for the past 3 1/2 years. Replying to a citizen’s enquiry this month, Harris wrote that “there have been incidents of violence associated with this issue” and that the injunction is in place “primarily to ensure the safety of the public.”

There have been no incidences of violence at the Scott abortuary since it opened and there are no known threats to “public safety” associated with it. The Premier and his Attorney General will not explain how prayer, holding a sign and offering loving last minute help to distressed pregnant mothers represent threats to public safety, say provincial pro-life leaders. The real issue, they say, is that pro-life activities affect the bottom line of the abortion industry.

The Premier also claims that “it would be inappropriate for me to intervene in, or comment on the handling of, a specific court case”. This is nothing but an excuse to evade responsibility in the matter, notes Campaign Life Coalition, explaining that since the government itself has initiated this civil case, it can comment on it and withdraw it any time. Pro-life lawyers are furious that the government continues to maintain the injunction while pretending that it cannot say anything about it.

In an apparent attempt to appeal to the obvious pro-life views of the Ontarian to whom he was responding, the Premier stated that “in 1995, we promised that we would not create any new free-standing abortion clinics and we have kept that promise.” Nevertheless, the province is making full use of the abortion mills that currently exist, continuing the status quo of killing over 45,000 Ontario pre-born children each year and forcing Ontario taxpayers to pay over $25,000,000 annually for the “service”.