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TORONTO, April 2, 2015 ( — As Ontario’s lesbian premier, Kathleen Wynne, faces a barrage of protests by parents opposed to a new explicit sex-ed program, she has weighed in against Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).

The bill, which aims to protect a citizen’s religious liberty from government coercion, is “unacceptable” and “discriminatory,” she says.

“It’s completely unacceptable to me that in the 21st century such a discriminatory law would be in place, that it would be used to divide people and to create the kind of hostility that obviously is being engendered,” said Wynne on Wednesday as part of a visit to a high school in North York, Ontario.

Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition said Ontarians should be alarmed by Wynne’s comments.

“Premier Wynne has exposed her inner tyrant, railing against the fundamental rights to freedom of religion and freedom of conscience,” he said to LifeSiteNews.

“Unadulterated anti-Christian bigotry is alive and well in this Liberal Premier. Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Jews – be warned. Today Wynne urges the oppression of religious people in a foreign state. What is she doing to destroy your human rights here at home?”

Wynne’s comments come in the wake of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signing the religious freedom bill on March 27, a law that empowers people with religious beliefs to argue in court against government laws and regulations that might stifle their beliefs. The international homosexual lobby has motivated celebrities, business leaders, and politicians to condemn the bill that they say promotes discrimination against homosexuals. The Indiana bill, however, is modeled after a federal version that was signed by Democrat President Bill Clinton in 1993. President Barack Obama voted in support of a similar bill in Illinois while a state legislator in 1998.

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Indiana now faces backlash from the corporate world for the bill, with businesses threatening to withdraw from the state if the bill is not reversed.

Earlier this week Gov. Pence backed down on his support for the law, and this morning legislators proposed a “fix” to the law that critics say would effectively allow gay “rights” to trump religious liberty in the state.

Wynne’s criticism of the bill included an invitation to businesses to come to Ontario if they were looking to leave Indiana.

“It’s certainly not how we behave in Ontario, and I would say to businesses that are looking for a more open jurisdiction, Ontario . . . is open and non-discriminatory,” she said.

Wynne said she would raise the matter of the bill with Gov. Pence if he attends an upcoming meeting of Great Lakes governors and premiers.

“I will certainly be making clear to him, depending on what has happened in Indiana by then, it’s not how we do business in Ontario, it’s not how we believe governments should behave,” she said.

Meanwhile the Wynne government continues to ignore hundreds of thousands of parents from various religious and cultural backgrounds demanding that an explicit sex-ed curriculum be scrapped and not forced on their children in the upcoming school year.