Tuesday April 20, 2010

Ontario Pro-Family Leaders Organize Rally against New Sex Ed Curriculum

By Patrick Craine

TORONTO, Ontario, April 20, 2010 ( – Leaders from various family-focused groups, together representing over 100,000 active members, are calling for Premier Dalton McGuinty to withdraw the new Ontario Sex Education Curriculum that is set to be implemented this September. The leaders are organizing Ontario parents to protest the new program by withdrawing their children from school on May 10th, the Monday after Mother’s Day, and joining a proposed rally at 12:00 noon in Toronto.

Dr. Charles McVety, President of Canada Christian College, stated that “it is unconscionable to teach 8 year-old children [about] same-sex marriage, sexual orientation and gender identity. It is even more absurd to subject 6th graders to instruction on the pleasures of masturbation [and] vaginal lubrication, and 12 year-olds to lessons on oral sex and anal intercourse.”

“Mr. McGuinty plans to teach our children sexually explicit material that he did not give to his own,” Dr. McVety continued. “The Premier is not acting in trust. He must stop this form of corruption.”

The new curriculum, replacing a previous version from 1998, aligns with the Ministry’s campaign to promote “equity and inclusive education” in Ontario’s schools, which includes the advancement of homosexualism and transgenderism. A notable aspect of the curriculum’s revision is the attempt to instil a sense that homosexuality and transgenderism are normal.

Under the curriculum, students begin to explore “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in grade 3, as part of an expectation to appreciate “invisible differences” in others. In grade 5, a student is expected to recognize that “things I cannot control include … personal characteristics such as … my gender identity [and] sexual orientation.”

In addition to learning about masturbation in grade 6, the curriculum suggest that students can better understand “sexual orientation” by “reading books that describe various types of families and relationships,” including those involving two “mothers” or “fathers.” In grades 7 and 8, “preventing pregnancy and disease,” “gender identity,” and “sexual orientation” become “key topics.”

Grade 7s are expected to be taught about “using condoms consistently if and when a person becomes sexually active.” In grade 8, the use of contraception is a key component of the curriculum, and students are expected to “demonstrate an understanding of gender identity (e.g., male, female, two-spirited, transgendered, transsexual, intersex) and sexual orientation (e.g., heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual).”

Brian Rushfeldt, Executive Director of the Canada Family Action Coalition said, “Ontario’s new sex education curriculum for 3rd – 7th graders is bordering on criminal. Canada prosecutes persons for corrupting minors with explicit sex. To cause confusion in a young child’s mind about being male or female is evil and teachers should refuse to present this onerous material.”

Rev. Ekron Malcolm, Director of the Institute for Canadian Values, stated, “I believe this is a form of controlling the minds and desires of our young children who should not have to think about sex at such a delicate age. This is just another form of exploitation through so-called ‘inclusive education.’”

The location of the May 10th rally will be announced here.

Parents are asked to sign a petition here.

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