Ontario pro-lifers asked to vote for life-affirming candidates, not party

Campaign Life Coalition says none of the three main parties supports the pro-life position, but numerous candidates are pro-life and pro-family.
Wed May 14, 2014 - 5:27 pm EST

TORONTO, May 14, 2014 ( – Pro-lifers in Ontario wondering what party to vote for in the upcoming June 12 election are being asked by the political arm of the pro-life movement to vote for life affirming candidates, not any particular party.

“We ask our supporters and all who want to see the unborn offered protections in this province to vote for any pro-life candidate, whether he or she is Liberal, Conservative, or otherwise,” said Jeff Gunnarson, chair of Toronto Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), to LifeSiteNews.

Gunnarson said that of the three mainstream parties, not one offers anything that would help bring justice to the unborn targeted by abortion.

“It’s pretty sparse out there in terms of pro-life policy. There’s certainly no policy in any of the parties that would benefit the unborn’s right to be born.”

Both the Liberal and NDP parties have a well-known track record of championing abortion access, while Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak has taken the approach of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, vowing to keep a lid on the abortion debate.

“There’s been a law on this since 1988. Prime Minister Harper has said he’s not reopening the issue, nor are we,” Hudak told the Toronto Sun in 2011.

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Ontario Liberals — formerly under the leadership of Dalton McGuinty but now run by pro-abortion lesbian Kathleen Wynne — have held power for the last decade. During this time, anti-family measures have been successfully executed, including the imposition of homosexual ideology on all publicly-funded schools, Catholic and public. While continuing support for state-funded abortion-on-demand, the Liberals also quietly passed a law in 2012 to hide abortion statistics from the public.

Gunnarson said CLC has been working behind the scenes to get pro-lifers running as candidates in local ridings and to get them to join the executive of local riding associations.

“We have a running list of candidates responding to our initiative who have come forward and who are — and/or will be — running as a pro-life candidate for nominations across Ontario,” he said.

CLC will be asking its supporters province-wide to contact local candidates with a questionnaire to find out their stance on life issues. The information will be compiled on CLC’s website for voters to view.

Questions include: “Do you acknowledge that human life begins at conception (fertilization)?” and “Will you support measures to stop funding abortions with taxpayers’ money in Ontario?”

Gunnarson said defunding abortion in the province would be one of the most effective ways to save unborn human lives.

“CLC exists to end abortion in the country by federal legislation. On the provincial level, however, delisting abortion as a ‘medically necessary’ procedure so that it would no longer be covered by OHIP is one thing MPPs can do for the unborn.”

“If we could defund abortion we would see a significant reduction in the abortion rate,” he said.

Gunnarson encouraged pro-life voters to go to CLC’s website to learn who is running.

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