Ontario Progressive Conservative Party Courts ‘Married’ Lesbian for By-election Candidate

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

TORONTO, August 13, 2009 ( - The Toronto Star reports that the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party, under new leader Tim Hudak, is "actively wooing" a lesbian as their candidate in the St. Paul's (Toronto) by-election to be held later this summer.

City hall columnist for the Toronto Sun Sue-Ann Levy is described by the Star report as "Jewish and gay - she came out on the Sun's front page to mark Pride Week in 2007 - Levy lives in the riding, which boasts a thriving Jewish community, with her new wife, Denise Alexander. … Insiders confide Levy is the kind of media-savvy candidate new PC Leader Tim Hudak wants."

"We're really excited about Sue-Ann," said one senior Tory, who hoped the news would be made official today.

The Star said its sources revealed that the Tories see Levy, who they believe to be a staunch fiscal conservative and fierce critic of Toronto Mayor David Miller's stewardship, as "a dream candidate."

The Liberals also have their openly gay candidates and elected MPs, the most notable being Deputy Premier George Smitherman, who it is rumoured may switch to municipal politics in a bid to replace Mayor Miller in the next civic election.

The PC Party's social conservative base, who had hoped to see a major change away from the disastrous, left leaning Ernie Eves and John Tory leadership years, are certain to be dismayed by this indication that the party leadership appears to have learned little from its years out of power.

Premier Dalton McGuinty is expected to announce the by-election next Wednesday for a Sept. 17 vote.

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