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ONTARIO (LifeSiteNews) – School boards in Ontario will be forced to run vaccination clinics before and during the upcoming school year, Ontario Education Minister Stephen Lecce said Monday.

“By making vaccines more accessible, and with a cautious reopening in September following the expert advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, we will further bolster our fight against COVID-19 and variants,” Lecce said, according to the Toronto Star.

As reported by the CBC, the COVID-19 vaccinations are not yet approved for children under 12, and within the ages of 12-17, “only” 55% of children are “fully vaccinated.” According to the CBC, this is the lowest percentage out of any age group.

Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, is backing the decision by the Ontario government. “This is crucially important for their mental, physical and social well-being,” he said.

“Having vaccination clinics at our schools will make it more convenient for students to receive their vaccine in a familiar and comfortable environment and will help to ensure a safe and sustained reopening of our schools,” he continued.

The province said vaccinations will only be given after receiving “informed consent” from the student, and only if the student has “the capability to make this decision.”

In July, LifeSite reported that America’s Frontline Doctors, a group of eminent doctors and scientists, released an expert statement regarding the vaccination of children against COVID-19.

“Vaccination of adolescents for COVID-19 is unnecessary, claims demonstrating efficacy are misleading, and the safety profiles are catastrophic,” reported the team of experts.

On July 16, LifeSite also reported on the suspension of Dr. Francis Christian, a clinical professor of general surgery at the University of Saskatchewan and a practicing surgeon in Saskatoon, for coming out in opposition to the vaccination of children against COVID-19.

“In order to qualify for ‘emergency use authorization’ there must be an emergency,” said Christian.

“Covid does not pose a threat to our kids. The risk of them dying of Covid is less than 0.003% – this is even less than the risk of them dying of the flu. There is no emergency in children,” he continued.

Christian went on to note that vaccines have already caused “serious medical problems for kids” worldwide, including “a real and significantly increased risk” of myocarditis, inflammation of the heart.

This new vaccine clinic directive from Ontario is coming down around the same time Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliot addressed mandatory vaccinations for all healthcare and education workers in the province.

Mandatory vaccination for health and education workers “is something that we are taking a look at provincially and there is going to be further information coming forward to you on this issue very shortly,” Elliott said at a municipal leaders’ conference.

Premier Doug Ford had previously rejected the idea of mandating vaccinations for these workers, but has since said, “We’re not done with COVID yet. This is a virus that will exploit any opportunity, any weakness in the system to mutate and become even more lethal,” Ford continued.

“COVID will be something we live with for a while longer, we must always stay prepared.”

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