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KINGSTON, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — A Kingston school union has warned teachers that they can be disciplined for “right-wing” views such as supporting parental rights, according to a leaked email. 

In a leaked December email obtained by independent media outlet True North, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation local for the Kingston-area Limestone District School Board (LDSB) told staff that they could be disciplined for expressing a series of opinions, ranging from contradicting the LGBT narrative to disciplining their students.  

“There are some speech/actions that members may not know could result in discipline in Limestone District School Board (LDSB) worksites,” negotiator for Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation district 27 John Vince wrote.

“In other jurisdictions, such as the U.S.A or the U.K. (who’s media many consume) some of this speech is allowed whereas some is not allowed in Ontario, and members may not know this,” he continued. 

“We have asked the Board to inform staff of what speech cannot be said in Ontario and/or the LDSB and they have indicated they are working on this. In the absence of this training, below are some examples of speech and/or actions that if uttered/performed in a worksite could result in discipline,” Vince said. 

According to the email, teachers are not allowed to defend basic biology, such as the fact that there are two genders or only women should compete in women’s sports. It also forbids the opinion that allowing men into women’s bathrooms could make women uncomfortable. It even deters teachers from referring to students as “boys and girls.” 


The board also directed teachers not to support a “right wing” political view such as “Parental rights.” In addition to not being allowed to support parental rights, teachers were told to undermine parents by “keeping secrets” from them. 

Furthermore, the email forbids teachers from exercising basic discipline over their students such as saying, “get off your phone,” “pull your hoody down,” or “why are you thirty (30) minutes late.” 

According to the board, teachers are not even permitted to ask their students: “what is the answer to this question.” 

Additionally, teachers were instructed not to use “labels.” Examples given were “don’t’ label someone as ‘deaf’ but rather as ‘a person who is experiencing hearing impairment,’ don’t label someone a ‘murderer’ but rather ‘a person who experienced ending another person’s life.'” 

Teachers are also forbidden from saying “that certain cultural practices are superior to others (examples: The Scientific Method is superior to other ways of knowing, Western Law is superior to Sharia Law, etc…).” 

The school board apparently encourages students to report their teachers if they contradict this “code” as staff and students are able to file a human rights complaint about a teacher on the front-page of the school board’s website.  

While schools and school boards have becoming increasingly hostile to pro-family values, parents and students are fighting back against the LGBT agenda.   

According to an August survey, 78 percent of Canadians support parents’ right to know if their child identifies as ‘transgender’ at school 

There have also been numerous protests against the LGBT agenda in schools, including the September 2023 “Million Person March” which drew thousands of Canadians from across the country.  

Increasingly, political leaders who have shown little to no concern over LGBT propaganda pushed on children have been forced to take notice as Canadians are standing up to LGBT activists.   

Earlier this month, Alberta announced new legislation that, if passed, would ban doctors from medically ‘transitioning’ children, require parental consent for pronoun changes in school, and bar men claiming to be women from women’s sports.    

While Alberta’s forthcoming rules will be the strongest thus far in Canada when it comes to protecting kids from the most extreme aspects of the transgender movement, the conservative-led governments of Saskatchewan and New Brunswick have also taken steps to protect kids in the past year.    

Saskatchewan, under Premier Scott Moe, recently passed a new policy mandating that parents be told if their child “changes” genders at school.