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Education Minister Liz SandalsLianne Laurence / LifeSiteNews

December 23, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – A key to the historic parental uprising against radical sex-ed that has taken place in Ontario since late 2014 has been the emergence of organized groups of cultural, ethnic and religious minority families.  Determined, well-informed, and loud, these groups have set off a rebellion against the Kathleen Wynne government’s controversial sex program for elementary schools that has captured international attention.

A walk through one of the many protests that have taken place at Queen’s Park, or MPP constituency offices would reveal that many of the parent protestors are immigrants, and for many, English is even a second language. Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), a member group of the Canadian Families Alliance which formed to repeal the sex curriculum, has published two new translations – in Polish and Russian – of its devastatingly insightful critique of the Liberal sex education program.   

Members of the Russian and Polish communities have been at the forefront amongst ethnic communities who are opposed to the premature sexualization of children. According to CLC spokesperson, Jack Fonseca:

Russian and polish immigrants are well-acquainted with communist-imposed propaganda campaigns, having experienced this stuff in their home countries. They are socially conservative and view the Liberal sex program as an attempt to launch their kids into premature sexual experimentation, with special concern about the involvement of a convicted pedophile in the curriculum’s development.

The architect of the Liberal sex-ed curriculum was Benjamin Levin, the former Deputy Education Minister under whom the curriculum was written. Levin confessed this year to two child pornography related crimes and one pedophilia-related crime.  Fonseca continued, “These translations will help paretn activists educate the Polish and Russian diaspora throughout Ontario, so that the parental rebellion continues to grow.”

CLC had already published its sex-ed analysis in seven other languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.  View the new translation in Polish here and in Russian here.