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LONDON, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — An Ontario high school student tore down a rainbow “pride” flag amid growing protests against the celebration of “pride month” in Canadian schools.

On June 6, students at Sir Frederick Banting high school, in London, Ontario, cheered as a male student tore the “pride” flag from the school’s flag pole, according to a video obtained by the London Free Press 

Students can be heard shouting, “Take it off! Take it off!”  

The video shows a student shout, “Put it in the garbage! Put it in the garbage!” as the flag lies on the ground. 

The original video of the incident was posted by a Sir Frederick Banting student who claims he had nothing to do with the incident and only shared the video on social media.  

Local media, politicians, and school officials denounced the students’ act of protest and doubled down in support of LGBT ideology. 

London Mayor Josh Morgan tweeted, “This is unacceptable and extremely upsetting, especially for members of our LGBTQ2S+ community.”  

Mark Fisher, education director for the Thames Valley District school board, told the London Free Press, “I want the community to know that flag was replaced immediately upon destruction, and this was an act motivated by a small group of individuals and should not be associated with any larger groups in the community.”   

“Those students will be investigated by the principal in conjunction with the superintendent and appropriate consequences will be levied,” he added. “That is just no acceptable behaviour in any way in any one of our schools.”  

Students may face increased backlash for standing against the LGBT agenda in schools as more students seem to be stepping up to the fight.  

In May, Quebec students tore down and trampled a rainbow “pride” flag as their local school prepared to celebrate the 2023 “International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.”

Renfrew high school student Josh Alexander was suspended during his senior year and unable to graduate after publicly declaring that God made mankind male and female. Despite being arrested multiple times, he continues to fight for the truth, holding rallies and speaking against the LGBT agenda.  

Last week, as part of an initiative by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), thousands of students across Canada stayed home on June 1 in direct protest of “pride month” being pushed in public schools.

An audio recording exposed a Canadian teacher lambasting her Muslim students for missing school while suggesting in a long rant that people who do not support “pride” events cannot “be Canadian.” 

Beyond the recent success of CLC’s walkout protest, in May, hundreds of students, reportedly predominantly Muslim, stayed home when their London, Ontario, schools flew the “pride” flag.  

Also in May, pro-LGBT school trustee Wendy Ashby resigned from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board after over 3,000 parents petitioned for her removal.   

And last week, trustees in the York Catholic District School Board voted against flying the “pride” flag atop of its schools and other buildings in celebration of “pride month.”