TORONTO, June 10, 2003 ( – The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled this morning that homosexual ‘marriage’ is now a right guaranteed by the Charter of Rights, and thus re-wrote Canadian law on the matter.  The court rendered invalid the existing definition of marriage to the extent that it refers to “one man and one woman” and reformulated the definition of marriage as “the voluntary union for life of two persons to the exclusion of all others”.  The justices ordered their redefinition of marriage to have “immediate effect”.  The court also made orders “requiring the Clerk of the City of Toronto to issue marriage licences to the couples (involved in the case), and requiring the Registrar General of the Province of Ontario to accept for registration the marriage certificates” of the homosexual couples.

Responding immediately, the City of Toronto issued a press release indicating that it was “issuing marriage licences to all those who meet the requirements for a marriage licence, including same-sex couples.”  The first such ‘marriage’ was booked immediately for Tuesday afternoon.  REAL Women Canada, which intervened in the case as part of the Interfaith Coalition on Marriage and the Family commented on the ruling noting the arrogance of the courts.  “Predictably, the political appointees to the Ontario Court of Appeal have used their unelected position to impose their own vision on the country – a vision based not on the law, but on their own politically correct ideology.  In no other nation, do the courts enjoy the power now held by the Canadian courts which operate without any checks and balances.  Consequently, the Canadian courts are the only ones in the world that have had the arrogance to change the definition of marriage,” said the release.  Gwen Landolt of REAL Women told LifeSite that concerned Canadian should write the federal Justice Minister asking him to immediately appeal the current decision as well as the BC Appeals Court decision which must be appealed by June 30.  To express your concern to the Justice Minister:  The Honourable Martin Cauchon Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada 314 West Block Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6 Telephone: (613) 995-7691 Fax: 613-995-0114 E-mail: [email protected]   See the full ruling online at:   See the City of Toronto release:   See WorldNet Daily Article