TORONTO, Sept 15 ( – Once again proving that they are no friends of the family, the ruling Tory government in Ontario has granted full homosexual benefits to Ontario judges.  Moreover, the order was approved on August 18 by Chris Hodgson, Chairman of the Management Board who in a 1994 by-election campaigned on pro-family values denouncing NDP plans to extend homosexual benefits. The 260 judges in the province will also receive a $40,000 wage increase.

The Ontario decision is a foretaste of a landslide of pro-homosexual legislation that is expected this fall from both provincial and federal legislatures. Both levels of government are washing their hands of the affair blaming the Supreme Court’s pro-homosexual rulings,  not mentioning that the Supreme Court’s rulings could be scrapped with the use of the notwithstanding clause.

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With files from The London Free Press.