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TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — Ontario school trustees, directors, and senior school board leaders are offered a program on “hate activity” as students and parents stand up against LGBT indoctrination in schools.  

Osgoode Professional Development of York University has recently announced their Fall 2023 “human rights” programs for trustees, directors, and senior school board leaders will include a session on combatting “Hate Activity in School Boards.” 

“Our world is no stranger to the outcomes of hate and discrimination,” the program description reads. “From WWII to present day, the lessons to be drawn from hate are clear.” 

The course promises to provide “a foundational understanding of manifestations of hate and discrimination relevant to Ontario’s publicly funded school boards.” 

“Participants will gain a deeper understanding of hate activities that are directed at targeted groups in Ontario as well as an understanding of the impact of hate activity on students, staff, and school communities,” it continued.  

The session attests to enable school boards to “identify, prevent, and address discrimination and hate and build on participants’ practical skills to identify and address discrimination and hate activities.” 

While the program claims to follow on the heels of “overwhelming positive feedback” by school board leaders on their previous anti-Black racism and anti-Indigenous racism program. 

Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition told LifeSiteNews that he considers this “a very ominous sounding program.” 

He questioned what will be considered as hate activity in school boards. “Could it be parents who delegate at board meetings to express their opposition to schools indoctrinating their kids with transgender ideology?” he asked. “Could it be students who’ve had enough of being beaten over the head with LGBT rainbows and are rising up to protest the crazy notion that there are more than two genders?” 

“Could it be parents keeping their children home during homosexual Pride Month and the never-ending barrage of LGBT-themed Pink Shirt days? Could it be teachers or students refusing to use made up pronouns to address sexually confused classmates?  I’ll bet a lot of money that woke course presenters will label all of that as ‘hate activity’,” Fonseca warned. 

School officials have become increasingly intolerant of parents and students who oppose LGBT ideology as protests sweep across the country. 

In June, Toronto Catholic teacher Paolo De Buono revealed that he told his eighth-grade students they are not allowed to say there are two genders, as part of his prevention of “racism, homophobia, and transphobia” in the classroom. 

Additionally, a Saskatchewan principal called in police to question students who defied the narrative by making a public statement of being “straight and proud.” 

A recently leaked audio recording exposing a Canadian teacher lambasting her Muslim students for missing school to protest “pride” sparked backlash across social media. Many were outraged that the teacher implied that students cannot withhold support for gay “pride” and remain “Canadian.” 

Fonseca revealed he suspects “this course is a response to the parent and student uprising that we’re witnessing across Canada against LGBT indoctrination.” 

“Leftists are running scared because of the nationwide resistance to LGBT ideology in schools by fed-up parents and students,” he added.  

On June 1, thousands of students across Canada stayed home to protest the promotion of “Pride Month” in the public education system, with one school said to have 75 percent of its students missing.    

In early June, pro-family Canadians clashed with Antifa and pro-LGBT activists at a protest in Ottawa, resulting in police arresting five people, including one pro-LGBT counter-protester who was caught on film punching an elderly man.   

Video footage from the event showing Muslim children stomping on “pride” flags has since gone viral on social media.     

In Calgary, hundreds of Christian and Muslim parents gathered last week to protest LGBT propaganda in schools.  

Similarly, high school students from schools in Quebec and Ontario have torn down “Pride” flags amid cheers from their fellow students. 

In late June, Toronto-area students protested the same month outside a high school that reportedly suspended students for stating there are only two genders. 

Ottawa Longfields-Davidson High School students organized a walkout despite opposition from the school’s administration. 

“I believe the course organizers are hoping to corral Trustees, Directors of Education, Principals and Superintendents and persuade them to use censorious and undemocratic tactics to quash all dissent to LGBT ideology,” Fonseca warned.  

“I anticipate that one of the key ‘solutions’ that will be suggested to Trustees and Administrators will be to pass policies banning parents from saying anything critical of LGBT ideology,” he continued.  

“If the Marxists running this parental oppression workshop are successful in persuading school board leaders to become even more ruthless, I think our best response is to grow the protest movement much large even,” Fonseca encouraged. 

“They can’t suspend half the student body. They can’t charge thousands of parents with ‘hate speech’ for peacefully protesting,” he declared. “Growing the number of Canadians in the uprising is key to defending our parental rights and freedom of expression. If we become so large that they can’t get their arms around it, we’ll be unstoppable.”