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April 19, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-homosexual websites and social media users are promoting the story of a three-year-old child who is supposedly “openly gay.”

On Tuesday, the LGBT website Pride shared a series of tweets from a woman named Caren, who says her three-year-old nephew/godchild “proudly admits that he is gay.” According to Caren, the boy’s interests include braiding hair, putting makeup on dolls, and pretending to be a beauty queen.

“No one taught or forced him. He, on his own, showed interest in these things,” she claims.

However, Caren also made conflicting statements as to whether she means her nephew actually has feelings for other boys. She says that “I didn't mean that being gay = showing/doing feminine stuff,” but also maintains that he’s happy “[r]egardless if he knows what it takes to be gay.”

“What if we were allowed to figure out who we are with unconditional support from our families” instead of having sexualities “policed” from the start with “gender reveals and gendered toys,” Pride’s Taylor Henderson asks. He claims that this child “is living that dream.”

The news has pro-family advocates deeply concerned for the child’s safety.

“It's sick that anyone would celebrate a three-year-old boy thinking he's 'gay,'” said Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) and assistant director of MassResistance. “Why can't activists just leave the children alone in their innocence?”

“This boy was obviously influenced by a corrupt adult's agenda,” he continued. “One of the byproducts of LGBTQ fanaticism is that 'gay' and 'trans' militants are constantly looking for ways to indoctrinate very young children in their ideology–even to the point pushing pro-homosexual and pro-transgender picture books on toddlers. They want offset the normal, healthy development that comes from being raised in a stable, faith-filled home with a loving mom and dad who are committed to each other for life in marriage.”

The article goes on to share a handful of celebratory reactions on Twitter, including that “this made my day,” “this is so cute,” and “my heart is so happy.”

The article was later updated to replace the story with a statement from Caren saying she deleted her original postings because she “couldn’t stand reading hate messages,” and that there was “no point in fighting with close-minded people.”

Adding further confusion to her original story, the statement also claims that her nephew “denies that he is a ‘boy’ because he wants to be a ‘girl.’”

Henderson’s introduction of the new statement lamented that “homophobic abuse and bullying of a three-year-old child” inspired the deletion, but the example he linked merely asked a question.

“Are you aware that understanding ones own sexuality requires a good amount of sexual development?” Ashton Whitty tweeted. “Explain to me how your child can develop sexual emotions most 13 year olds don’t understand before puberty?”

Many of Pride’s own commenters on the website and Facebook page raised similar objections.

“Being interested in things deemed 'feminine' does NOT equal gay,” one said. “It's offensive to even imply that. He may say he's gay but he doesn't understand what that means. Ask him in 10 years, then he will understand.” Another noted that a “3 year old doesn’t even know he’s 3 years old.”

“This is ridiculous! When I was three I wanted to marry The Luck Dragon from Never Ending Story… and Cheetos,” a reader quipped.

Children’s mental health experts say that small boys showing interest in girl’s toys and activities is often a normal phase and not indicative of homosexual tendencies, but warn that in some cases it may be an early sign of gender identity disorder.