CHICAGO, IL, April 14, 2008 ( – Oprah Winfrey and Faith Hill were among the prominent celebrities who participated in the tenth anniversary of the controversial play “The Vagina Monologues” (TVM) on Satuday at the New Orleans Arena. An updated version of the play written by lesbian (bisexual) Eve Ensler was performed by Winfrey at the arena. The new version includes a chapter in which a six-year-old girl is asked several questions about her vagina. For several years the Cardinal Newman Society has campaigned to have the controversial play banned from Catholic universities. In light of the new anniversary push, Americans For Truth launched its “Stop the Monologues Project”.

The full list of stars who participated in the New Orleans “celebration” included, Oprah Winfrey, Faith Hill, Jessica Alba, Sally Field, Ali Larter, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Hudson, Jane Fonda, Glenn Close, Rosario Dawson, Julia Stiles, Kerry Washington, Calpernia Addams, and musicians Common, Eve, and Charmaine Neville.

  On pages 103-104 of the 10th-anniversary edition of The Vagina Monologues, in a chapter titled, “I Asked a Six-Year-Old Girl,” Ensler asks the following questions based on an interview with an unnamed girl (only the answer to the last question is provided below):
  –    If your vagina got dressed, what would it wear?”
  –    If it could speak, what would it say?”
  –    What does your vagina remind you of?”
  –    What’s special about your vagina?”
  –    What does your vagina smell like?”
  [answer:] “Snowflakes.”
  Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth and father of five children, said it is astonishing that Ensler and her vulgar play are being celebrated given TVM’s past and current promotion of adult predatory behavior against minors: “Imagine if an adult homosexual man were to quiz a six-year-old boy about his penis—or a straight man were to ask a little girl silly questions about her private parts – for use in a play! Would such men be praised by the media and famous personalities?”

  Stop the Monologues Project Director Donna Miller, the mother of a teenage girl, said, “I find it horrifying that an author would sexualize a six-year-old girl—particularly when that same author has a record of writing favorably about adult/child sex, at least for lesbians.”

  Miller noted the hypocrisy of a movement whose stated goal is to “stop the violence against women and girls,” while it celebrates a lesbian rape-seduction, underage drinking, and a lesbian adult asking highly inappropriate sexual questions to a six-year-old. 

  The Vagina Monologues book, on pages 80-82, tells of a lesbian rape-seduction in a story titled, “The Little Coochi Snorcher That Could.” In the monologue, a 24-year-old woman plies a 16-year-old girl with alcohol before seducing her (statutory rape in many states).

  The original ‘Monologues’ play included the same segment except the victimized girl was just 13.

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