May 26, 2011 ( – Oprah Winfrey, the undisputed queen of daytime TV and popular spirituality, signed off her show after 25 years with a shout-out to both Jesus Christ and the homosexual culture.

The farewell episode was appropriate for the woman whose remarkable emotional genius captured a large audience, but whose pseudo-Christian philosophy proved a source of confusion and frustration for conservative Christian America. While apparently espousing Christianity, Winfrey has also promoted New Age spirituality and homosexuality, and sided with the abortion lobby.

During the final show Wednesday, the famous host credited “my team and Jesus” for her success, rising from her impoverished roots in rural Mississippi to popular acclaim as the most influential woman in the world, and a billionaire.

“I often say, ‘Nobody but Jesus could have made this happen for me,” said Winfrey during a Good Morning America appearance the same day as the show. “I had no stylist, I had no publicist, I [was not] marketing-savvy, I was the most naive in terms of how the business operated.”

The final episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show signed off with the statement, “To God be the glory” – but not before she addressed one final word to critics regarding her broad use of that name.

“For all of you who get riled up when I mention God and you want to know which God am I talking about, I’m talking about the same one you’re talking about,” she said. “I’m talking about the Alpha and Omega, the omniscient, the omnipresent, the ultimate consciousness, the source, the force, the all of everything there is, the one, the only G-O-D. That’s the one I’m talking about.”

Despite her message of unity, the Baptist-raised Winfrey’s interpretation of Christianity has been marred by controversy. Winfrey in 2008 endorsed the New Age philosophy of Eckhart Tolle, and reconciled Tolle’s pantheism with Christianity by calling Christ a “consciousness.”

“What I believe is that Jesus came to show us Christ consciousness. That Jesus came to show us the way of the heart and that what Jesus was saying that to show us the higher consciousness that we’re all talking about here,” she said.

Winfrey has also sided firmly with progressive ideology on social questions: her very first political endorsement was for pro-abortion candidate Barack Obama in 2008. In 2000, Winfrey was the keynote speaker at a luncheon held by the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention, a group whose priority was to ensure that minors, without parental consent, maintain their access to contraceptives and abortion.

As far back as 1997, Winfrey showed her willingness to promote homosexuality as she made a cameo appearance on the “coming out” episode of the TV show “Ellen”.  Apart from regularly giving plugs for the homosexual lifestyle on her show, the popular host also participated in a performance of the lewd lesbian sex play The Vagina Monologues.

Accordingly, Winfrey specifically mentioned homosexual partners in her sendoff. “I thank you for tuning in every day, along with your mothers and your sisters and your daughters, your partners, gay and otherwise,” she said.