By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BEDFORD, VIRGINIA, January 8, 2009 ( – A Bedford County, Virginia court has accepted a custody transfer order from a Vermont court, which requires Evangelical Christian Lisa Miller to turn over her daughter to an unrelated lesbian with whom she had a relationship before converting.

Meanwhile, WCAX in Vermont is reporting that a hearing has been scheduled in Rutland County Family Court to decide if an arrest warrant should be issued against Miller.  The case will reportedly be heard in a few weeks.

Although Miller, 40, has apparently gone into hiding to protect her 7-year-old daughter Isabella, her attorneys have appealed the filing in Virginia, saying that the order is not enforceable under Virginia law.

The state of Virginia passed an amendment in recent years that prohibits the state from recognizing homosexual “marriages” or civil unions from other states.  Miller and former partner Janet Jenkins, 43, were united in a Vermont civil union in 2000, and Miller gave birth to Isabella in 2003 following artificial insemination.

Despite the absence of any state law granting parental status of children conceived through artificial insemination to civil union partners, or even to marriage partners, a Vermont court decreed that Jenkins had parental rights, and ordered unsupervised visitations.

Miller told LifeSiteNews in an interview in 2008 that her daughter had reported being forced to bathe naked with Jenkins, had spoken of wanting to die following visits, and showed other signs of emotional trauma.  Miller also says that she was abused by Jenkins during their relationship and left for that reason.  Although reports of abuse have been submitted to the courts, no response has been given.

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