PORTLAND, Ore., Mar 5 (LSN) – On Tuesday, a panel of medical “experts” introduced a guidebook on assisted suicide. The 91-page “Oregon Death with Dignity Act: A Guidebook for Health Care Providers,” was the work of a panel formed by the Center for Ethics in Health Care at Oregon Health Sciences University.  Although the guide does not offer a recipe for a lethal oral medication, it does review the types and purposes of drugs that could be used by a patient to end life. It suggests discontinuing medications before taking a lethal dosage and giving the patient a mint or lidocaine, to dull the tastebuds, before taking bitter-tasting lethal concoctions. The guide also includes information from studies on lethal medication from the Netherlands and “Compassion in Dying,” a right-to-die organization which has published a recipe for a lethal concoction of drugs.