REGINA, Feb 4 ( – Randy Kirkham, the Saskatchewan Crown prosecutor who dealt with Robert Latimer’s original 1994 trial has been “terminated” from his job by the Saskatchewan Justice Department.  Kirkham was charged in June 1996 for allegedly instructing police to ask prospective jurors about their views on mercy killing, abortion and religion. The questioning resulted in a mistrial. (A re-trial again found Latimer guilty of second-degree murder in the gassing death of his disabled 12-year-old daughter Tracy.)

In June 1998 Kirkham was found not guilty of obstructing justice in the first Latimer trial,  and according to the Canadian Press his salary was reinstated at that time.  The current termination of Kirkham has raised speculation that his anti-euthanasia views are disliked by his superiors. During the trial, he called Latimer’s murder “cold and calculated,” noting that Latimer had “sat there and timed and watched his daughter’s death.”