OTTAWA, Ontario, May 10, 2011 ( – The Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson, has proclaimed that the day of this year’s National March for Life, May 12th, be honored as ‘Respect for Life Day’ in the city.


“The rights of the people of Canada including the unborn, the elderly and those with handicaps are gradually being eroded,” the proclamation reads, adding that “the community needs to get involved to ensure the rights of all people are respected and upheld.”

The proclamation notes that the National March for Life has taken place for the last fourteen years “to bring awareness for the need for life-affirming solutions rather than life-destroying results.”

“Thousands of people from across Canada and the United States will be coming to the National March for Life on Parliament Hill to witness to the sanctity of human life from conception until natural death,” it reads.

The theme of this year’s annual march, which will commemorate 42 years since abortion was legalized in Canada, is “Abortion Kills a Human Being.”

It has become the largest annual gathering on Parliament Hill, with over 12,000 coming out the last two years and organizers expecting an even larger crowd this year.

The events surrounding the March for Life begin Wednesday with prayer services and Masses at various churches in the area and a candlelight vigil at the Canadian Human Rights monument at 9 p.m.

A noon rally before the march on Thursday, May 12th will feature speeches by pro-life Members of Parliament, as well as religious and pro-life leaders.

That evening there will be a Rose Dinner featuring a keynote address from David Bereit, national director of the 40 Days for Life.  A Youth Banquet takes place at the same time with an address by Catholic missionary Mario St. Francis, followed by the day-long youth conference on May 13th.

Find more information on the National March for Life website.