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 Keean Bexte / Twitter

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Police in Ottawa have arrested five people, including one pro-LGBT counter-protester who was caught on film punching an elderly man, at a pro-family rally being held in protest of the promotion of gender ideology in schools. 

On June 9, as Canadians gathered for the “Education over Indoctrination” rally in Ottawa, hosted by high school student Josh Alexander and pro-family activist Chris Elston, known on social media as “Billboard Chris,” Ottawa Police provided an update on social media to let the public know that “five people have been arrested,” confirming footage from conservative journalists on the ground showing pro-LGBT counter-protesters being apprehended by police

“CHAOS & ARRESTS: Several Antifa/pro-Ottawa School Board activists have been arrested,” journalist Keean Bexte tweeted. “This one landed a punch on an elderly man. Ottawa police step in and immediately make the arrest.” 

Another video shows reported members of Antifa, a far-left extremist group linked to a number of violent protests in the United States, swarm True North’s Harrison Faulkner.   

A third video, posted by Rebel News, appears to show at least three police officers on the ground apprehending a person the outlet identified as “an Antifa counter-protestor.”

The heated rally also featured Muslims and Christians banding together in opposition to the LGBT agenda being pushed on children, with one video showing Muslim children stomping on “pride” flags as their mother cheers them on, saying, “Leave our kids alone!” 

Prior to the rally, Alexander reminded protesters that, “Peaceful and respectful self-composure is key.” 

Alexander, who was suspended for stating that God made human beings male and female, was joined by “Billboard Chris,” a father of two girls, who has spent the last few years “travelling the world to expose gender ideology and why children cannot consent to medical transition.” 

As schools across Canada continue to push the LGBT agenda on children in the classrooms, many are standing up, including children themselves. 

This week, students at Sir Frederick Banting High School in London, Ontario, cheered as a male student tore the “pride” flag from the school’s flag pole.

In May, Quebec students tore down and trampled a rainbow “pride” flag as their local school prepared to celebrate the 2023 “International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia.” 

Last week, as part of an initiative by Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), thousands of students across Canada stayed home on June 1 in direct protest of “pride month” being pushed in public schools. 

Moreover, a recently leaked audio recording exposing a Canadian teacher lambasting her Muslim students for missing school in protest of “pride” sparked backlash across social media, as the teacher implied one cannot withhold support for gay “pride” and remain “Canadian.”

Beyond the recent success of CLC’s walkout protest, in May, hundreds of students, reportedly predominantly Muslim, stayed home when their London, Ontario, schools flew the “pride” flag.   

Also in May, pro-LGBT school trustee Wendy Ashby resigned from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board after over 3,000 parents petitioned for her removal.    

And last week, trustees in the York Catholic District School Board voted against flying the “pride” flag atop of its schools and other buildings in celebration of “pride month.”