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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Constable Helen Grus of the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) has been suspended without pay since February after it was alleged she tried to find out the vaccination status of the parents whose otherwise healthy infants suddenly died.

She now faces misconduct charges for allegedly looking into the deaths of nine infants between June 2020 and January 2022.

It is alleged by OPS administration that she transgressed a professional boundary by looking into the infant deaths for cases in which she had no investigative role. One incident occurred in January 2022, when Grus allegedly contacted the father of an infant who suddenly died to inquire into the vaccination status of the mother.

The timeline of the investigations being looked into by the police force does raise some questions, however, as there were no COVID vaccines available to the general public in Canada until around early 2021. It would seem that any interest Grus took into the sudden deaths of infants before the COVID jabs were rolled out could not be motivated by an intention to investigate the health status of the parents.

Grus is a constable by rank and has worked as a detective in the OPS sexual assault and child abuse unit. Part of that unit’s job is to investigate the sudden deaths of infants.

She has an exemplary record, according to the OPS, receiving commendation from the public for her “support and caring” while fulfilling her duties.

Former Ottawa Police Sargent Rob Stocki spoke to LifeSiteNews about Cons. Grus – who he knows personally – and challenged the notion that she should be investigated for her “initiative” to look into the deaths of the infants.

Stocki ran for provincial government this year with the New Blue Party of Ontario, and his phone was illegally wiretapped after the Canadian patriot participated in the pro-freedom Trucker Convoy that took place in Ottawa in January and February.

“There are generally two types of police officers – those who wait for calls for service to come in and answer them, and those who ‘self-initiate’ investigations,” he said. “One of the most honourable reputations to have amongst other police officers is to be known as ‘a digger.’ Diggers self-initiate and are routinely lauded with the best arrests and interesting cases (and thus reduction in crime) based on using the privilege and tools of the office to investigate.”

An article from the CBC from March about Grus’ suspension stated that investigations into the sudden deaths of infants are “mandated by law.”

According to the CBC, the investigations are supposed to include “rigorous medical testing, including autopsies” and the coroner’s office would then classify the type of death to indicate the cause.

Stocki said that “there will always be some sort of investigation when it comes to a premature or an unnatural death,” but that they are not always as “thorough” depending on the circumstances. He said that when there is no sign of foul play, it is likely that an investigation would be “less rigorous.”

The former police officer also said that he has been told numerous stories when speaking across Ontario by people who had family members die suddenly after taking the jab. In some cases, the coroner “confidentially told them it was likely the jab” that killed them, but the coroners would put “COVID as the cause of death” out of fear of being “removed from the coroner’s position.”

Stocki also said that members of the police, both former and active who are not comfortable taking the COVID jab, are “still being wiretapped” like he was in February. He said that many officers are against the jab, but have confided in him that they took it out of coercion and fear of losing their jobs.