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OTTAWA, August 14, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Putting single-stall, gender-neutral bathrooms in some Ottawa schools to accommodate transgendered students is “a sane way of dealing with the insanity,” according to American anti-homosexuality activist Peter LaBarbera.

Ottawa’s Carleton school district will install the one-stall bathrooms in schools wherever parents request accommodation for children “transitioning” from their real gender to their fantasy one.

Mike Carson, the superintendent of facilities, told CTV News, “We’re proud of it. It’s work that can be done, that needs to be done and we are trying to keep pace with our communities.”

An Ottawa boy who wants to be a girl, Charlie Lowthian Rickert, told the same news agency, “I look like a girl so people think I am a girl. If I go into the boys’ washroom people will think, ‘Why is there a girl in this washroom?’ And they might bully me.”

Earlier this year the Ontario legislature aped several American states by passing a law prohibiting psychotherapy for minors afflicted with gender dysphoria, even when they request it themselves.

Lowthian Ricket’s mother Anne applauded the neutered washrooms for providing “children and parents a measure of security that they will be safe…that they won’t have to hold it all day for fear of being bullied in the washroom.”

But Peter LaBarbera, head of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, said that the washrooms only provided a short-term fix. Over the long-term society should not accommodate itself to suit people who are confused, or who are living in sin, he said. “Society used to say, ‘Stop living in sin,’ or offer help in overcoming the confusion. Now we’ve turned that on its head.”

However, building gender-neutral washrooms is preferable to allowing transgendered students into oppositely gendered washrooms, said LaBarbera.

If the “trans” children are transvestites, then letting them use the wrong washroom involves their onlookers in their sexual fetish, in which the erotic charge derives from “passing” as a member of the other sex. If they are transgendered, then their use of the other gender’s washrooms forces other users to accept their delusion about being “in the wrong body.”

While neutered bathrooms will eliminate that conflict, LaBarbera told LifeSiteNews, he wondered if they will satisfy transgendered activists. “What if it isn’t enough? What if what they want is to make people accept that they are the opposite gender to how they were born by using the wrong washrooms, and they complain that Ottawa’s approach is a sellout?”