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Our world is in desperate need of a truthful alternative

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In a world where almost every aspect of mainstream media seems to be promoting an anti-life and anti-family agenda, our world is in desperate need of a truthful alternative.

Every day life and family advocates are increasingly being censored, silenced, and misrepresented. They are not permitted to freely speak their treasured, millennia-old proven beliefs about life and family.

There are likely days when you keep asking yourself, “what can I do that will make a difference amidst this growing darkness we are facing?”

The world we live in is challenging our most important freedoms at this moment. It can be daunting. Yet, you do have the power to make a difference and change the culture.

Thanks to your generous support, LifeSite journalists have covered many stories this year that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. In fact, they reached millions of readers. From our extensive news coverage on Alfie Evans, the LGBT agenda, or Pope Francis, you ensured the world heard the truth - truth presented professionally and objectively.

We could never reach the millions we reach with the truth without you. Your support has enabled LifeSite to spread the truth even though the globalist social media giants are attempting to block the truth from being spread.

More and more readers are still being informed and influenced by LifeSite to engage in the culture war. Just this year alone, our average readership per month has been 4.5 MILLION!

Millions, and especially many leaders, are being equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to face and change the culture, all because of you!

Your gift of $200, $100, $50, or $35 today will enable us to continue to do this!


The growing influence we are having is causing our needs to multiply! Only your support can help meet our growing needs such as:

  • More journalists - Our editorial team can barely keep up with the amount of stories they are reporting on each day. Without your help, millions of readers won’t receive the news and information they need to respond effectively to major attacks on life and the family.

  • More on the ground reporting - An increasing number of stories are requiring us to send journalists to do on-the-ground reporting. This is crucial for getting out the most thorough and accurate reports on crucial issues in a timely manner. Without your support we cannot lead the narrative on breaking stories and counter the biased messaging of mainstream media outlets.

  • Updated equipment - Without the right equipment, our journalists cannot carry out the mission of our organization and ensure that our stories are heard.

  • Cutting edge website - Reaching millions on the Internet, qualifying for top search engine ratings and presenting our reports in the most effective manner require constant website and equipment updates. Our programmers and multitude of supporting contracted services are all top notch.

Without your support allowing us to lead the charge on developments related to life, marriage, family, faith, and freedom - leaders, activists, and culture warriors would be hampered in finding the truth. In addition, these culture warriors would lose out on reaching millions with their messages.

Our readers are given action steps that they can take in response to what they read from LifeSiteNews. Without this essential component, millions would be left feeling as if there is nothing they can do to combat the anti-life and anti-family forces at work in our culture.

Can I count on you to help us continue to inform our readers and spread the truth far and wide?

Please make LifeSite a priority organization for your gift giving. In return, we promise to use your donation in the most effective and responsible manner for life, family, faith, and freedom.

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