By Hilary White

LONDON, May 4, 2009 ( – A Conservative party insider has revealed that among party leader David Cameron’s strategic priorities over the coming months will be more “outreach” to homosexualist activists.

Tim Montgomerie, a political secretary to the former party leader Iain Duncan Smith and the founder and editor of, reported late last week that among David Cameron’s top five priorities will be “more outreach to gay rights groups”. An unnamed member of the shadow cabinet told Montgomerie that the list also includes, environmental policies and “further promotion of women and ethnic minority Conservatives.”

The list, Montgomerie said, is meant to show that “‘new Toryism’ is still alive and kicking – despite the ‘age of austerity'”.

This news snippet from comes at the same time as reports in the mainstream media that Cameron is scheduled to appear at one of the “Gay Pride” events scheduled in June. Organised by lesbian Tory parliamentary candidate Margot James, the ‘Pride at the Paramount’ event on June 30 will also feature Ben Summerskill, chief executive of homosexualist pressure group Stonewall. Margot James confirmed with that Cameron would be attending the event.

Richard Kay, a political commentator at the Daily Mail, wrote that the Tory leader who is widely expected to take the office of Prime Minister in next year’s general election, is signalling his intentions. “Cameron is nailing his colours to the pink mast,” Kay wrote.

Among Cameron’s leadership team, and most important “modernisers” in the party, is Alan Duncan who made headlines last week for joking that he would like to murder Carrie Prejean, Miss California, for her assertion during the Miss America pageant that marriage should be restricted to one man and one woman.

Duncan, who is expected to serve as David Cameron’s Home Secretary, in an appearance on the BBC comedy news show “Have I Got News For You”, said, “If you read that Miss California has been murdered, you will know it was me, won’t you?” Duncan currently serves as the Tory leader of the House of Commons and is in a registered civil partnership with another man.

Gerald Warner, a columnist and political commentator at the Daily Telegraph, told that if David Cameron brings the Conservative party into line with the homosexualist political agenda, it could, “in a peculiar way,” represent an opportunity for British Christians.

“It draws a line in the sand that we cannot cross. It is self-eliminating from the Christian’s list of voting options at election time,” Warner told LSN.

Warner reminds British Conservative voters that Cameron failed to defend the Catholic adoption agencies when they were threatened by the Labour government’s Sexual Orientation Regulations. “His conduct is consistent. So should ours be.”

Warner said that the best weapons socially conservative Britons have are their votes and activism in ground-level politics. “The challenge that will face Christians, pro-lifers and sincere campaigners for family values at elections over the next 20 years will be to find candidates worthy of support. That quest will partly be conducted at local level.”

He warned, however, that all of the mainstream British parties fully embrace the anti-life and anti-family agendas. “I do not believe that those who espouse traditional values can, in conscience, vote for any of the three major parties,” Warner said.

While the Conservative party has increasingly aligned itself with moral and social “progressives”, a poll of Tory candidates conducted by shows that social conservatism is not dead in the grassroots of the party. But the same poll found there are fears that Cameron’s “modernising” plans will lead to conflicts on “conscience issues” with backbenchers in a Conservative-led government.

Of 148 Tory candidates asked about a range of moral and political issues, 85 per cent wanted more restrictive laws on abortion. 93 per cent supported a reintroduction of the married couples tax allowance that has been promoted as a means of combating Britain’s epidemic of broken families and single parenthood. 71 per cent supported the right of religious adoption agencies to decline to place children with same-sex couples.

Recent polls show that the Conservatives have held their lead, currently about 18 per cent, against Gordon Brown’s ruling Labour party. A Populus poll in the Times found that 55 per cent of the public expects a Conservative overall majority in the next election and 67 per cent expect Conservatives to be the largest party.

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