Call for Ethical Use of Stem Cells – From Adults, Bone Marrow and Placenta Blood

WASHINGTON, Mar 15, 2001 ( – Today, March 15, is the deadline for the decision by the Bush administration to decide whether or not to continue the illicit funding of destructive research with human embryos. In light of this petitions were sent to President Bush signed by hundreds of organizations, comprising millions of Americans. The Christian Defense Coalition sent a letter decrying the research and asking for funding to end. It was signed by the American Bioethics Advisory Commission, American Life League, Concerned Women for America, National Clergy Council, Operation Rescue West, Rock for Life, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, and The Pro-Life Union of Southeastern Pennsylvania.

The Catholic Leadership Conference on March 12, also sent a letter to the President saying, “Human embryos, human persons at the earliest stage of development, are being destroyed to obtain stem cells for research and treatment of illness.” The letter also noted that stem cells “can be morally obtained from other sources, such as the extra cord blood, the placenta, and adult bone marrow.” The over 100 organizations which signed the letter called on “researchers and physicians in all domains, be they public or private, to conduct their experiments and treatments without any destructive use of human embryos.” They also called on the President and Congress to “put an end to destruction of human embryos in medical research and treatment, and to endorse only research which shows unconditional respect for all human life from conception/fertilization until natural death.”

See the Leadership Conference letter and signatures at: