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2024 Irish Rosary rallyISFCC

DUBLIN, Ireland (LifeSiteNews) — More than 10,000 people took part in over 500 public Rosary rallies throughout Ireland recently, in an effort led by Ireland Needs Fatima to mark the feast of Our Lady of Fatima.

On the Saturday closest to the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, 563 Rosary rallies were held throughout Ireland, as Irish Catholics witnessed to the faith in the public square in the now annual tradition.

Such a number of rallies is the largest seen in the annual campaign led by Ireland Needs Fatima, which is sponsored by the Irish Society for Christian Civilisation (ISFCC). 

Map of the 2024 Rosary rallies. Credit: ISFCC

Holding Rosaries and displaying banners saying, “Praying the Rosary for Ireland. Please join us,” over 10,000 people assembled across the nation in public view, praying for the intercession of the Mother of God for Ireland and for families.

The ISFCC highlighted in a press release how Pope Pius IX recalled the importance of the Rosary when he said, “Give me an army saying the Rosary and I will conquer the world.” 

“Public prayer is far more effective than private prayer according to many saints,” the ISFCC notes, explaining the public Rosary campaign. “For example, St Louis de Montfort preached that, ‘Public prayer is far more powerful than private prayer to appease the anger of God… Holy Mother Church, guided by the Holy Ghost, has always advocated public prayer in times of public tragedy and suffering.’”

ISFCC’s campaign is also drawn from the United States, where America Needs Fatima coordinates over 20,000 Rallies in October but also organizes around 1,000 Rosary Rallies for May.

South Africa Needs Our Lady also organizes Rosary Rallies across Africa throughout the year, particularly in May and October.

“Just as with the other campaigns in other nations, our May Rosary Rallies are intended to make reparation to God for sin and to plead for His urgent help to save Ireland from the continuous rise of Satanism,” said Gregory Murphy, who coordinates the ISFCC’s rosary campaign.

Credit: ISFCC
Credit: ISFCC

Murphy stated that “it is beautiful to see the massive expansion of Rosary Rallies around the world, from the Men’s Rosaries, the Rosaries of Bishop Doeme against Boko Horam, and the interest our campaign is receiving.” 

“We had people requesting material from the New World, England, Africa, and Japan,” he added. 

Prior to the May 11 event, the ISFCC stated that the 2024 campaign “is intended as reparation to God for sin and a plea for His urgent help to save Ireland from the continuous rise of Satanism.”

“Ireland is a Catholic Nation,” said Murphy, after the success of the May 11 event. “We were the land of saints and scholars. But, Satan, the father of lies, is trying to make people sympathetic to his false ways. These peaceful Rosary Rallies send a message around the world. There are still faithful, strong Catholics in Ireland who will not sit idly by while their nation falls away.”

A typical public Rosary rally involves singing Marian hymns, followed by the public recitation of the Rosary, the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the prayer of total consecration according to St. Maximilian Kolbe, the recitation of the Divine Praises, and a closing hymn to Our Lady.

Credit: ISFCC
Credit: ISFCC

A “Rosary captain” is designated as the coordinator of each local event, receiving manuals, posters, intention sheets, and prayer programs. One captain for the Rosary in Ireland’s national Marian shrine of Knock spoke about how the campaign is a “joy and a duty to honor Our Lady of Fatima at this turning point in Irish History!”

Another captain from Trim noted that the Rosary rally was held in the town center “on the site of the medieval Franciscan Friary and gave witness to the devotion to Our Lady that has prevailed in Trim and Ireland through the centuries.”

ISFCC is now calling on people to join as rally captains in preparation for the 2025 event. To find more information, email [email protected]