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March 14, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – More than 10,000 people have signed a petition asking Disney to not depict Elsa as a lesbian in Frozen 2.

“From every corner of society, young girls already face confusing and troubling messages about sexuality,” the petition, hosted on LifeSiteNews’ petition platform LifePetitions, says.

The petition platform also gives signers the option to send Disney a postcard expressing their concerns. So far, over 200 postcards have been sent.

“Protect the innocence of little girls rather than introducing them to lesbianism and the over-sexed LGBT cause,” the petition says. “Please either pair Elsa with a prince in Frozen 2, or don’t create a partner for her at all. Parents don’t want this forced on their kids.”

The heroine didn’t fall in love with a prince during the first Frozen film, and some suggested the movie had subtly pro-gay themes.

“We’ll see where we go” in regard to Elsa’s sexuality, its co-director Jennifer Lee said.

TELL DISNEY: Don’t make Elsa a lesbian in Frozen 2! Sign the petition here.

Disney hasn’t done anything to dispel rumors Frozen 2 will feature its first “out” lesbian princess. In 2016, feminist activist Isabel Alexis started the campaign to #GiveElsaAGirlfriend, which was widely hailed by the LGBT movement.

Earlier this month, columnists for The Guardian and The Toronto Star mocked parents who don’t want Frozen 2 to introduce their daughters to lesbianism.

One of these columnists, Arwa Mahdawi of The Guardian, maintains that the media have turned the “glimmer of hope” that Elsa may be a lesbian “into a firestorm.”


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