Over 1,300 Illinois Citizens Protest Largest Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic

By Elizabeth O’Brien
AURORA, Illinois, August 27, 2007 ( - On Saturday over one thousand pro-lifers met to protest before the recently erected facilities of what is said to be the nation’s largest Planned Parenthood center in Aurora, Illinois, just outside Chicago.

  Pro-Life Action League Communications Director Eric Scheidler told that at least 1,300 pro-lifers participated in the protest. About 900 formed two large picket lines on York Street and another 250 were at a prayer vigil site next to the new Planned Parenthood center. Another 75 people participated in a Face the Truth Tour, holding graphic abortion signs at street intersections. Warning signs were posted in all four directions so that the drivers were forewarned of the images.

  The event also put on a Life Display with huge posters of babies, both born and unborn. There was a large picture of Jesus with the words "Jesus forgives and heals". Protestors also held signs with the titles "Keep abortion out of Aurora," "Moms for Life," "Dads for Life" and "Planned Parenthood kills babies."

  Mainstream media present included the Chicago Tribune, Fox News Chicago, the Aurora Beacon and the Daily Herald. Scheidler told that between 12 and 18 pro-abortion counter-protestors also showed up, but they left after newspaper reporters talked to them.

  At the end of the rally, Eric Scheidler and his father, long-time pro-life activist Joe Scheidler, offered some rallying words of encouragement before the protestors dispersed. Young participant Philip Keppel played Amazing Grace on the bagpipes, and the crowd joined in singing the hymn together. The day concluded with a deacon’s blessing of everyone who was present.

  Scheidler described how the crowds were joy-filled and well organized. A shuttle bus operation ran from a nearby church in order to prevent people’s cars from clogging up the parking lots of surrounding stores, and a crew of rally captains directed people to their positions.

  Scheidler told, "From the police on down to the reporters there was great appreciation for how well organized the event was, and the mood of the crowd was just invigoratingly enthusiastic. People were so pumped. Many people told me that it was the most exciting rally that they’d been to."

He said, "People left there just filled with blessing. There was grace in the air that day. It was everything we’d hoped for and went way beyond that. It was really wonderful."

  The Chicago-based Pro-Life Action League launched a full force campaign to stop the Planned Parenthood center from opening ever since it was discovered that the building was going to be a large-scale abortion clinic. Pro-lifers enthusiastically undertook an intense, "40 Days for Life" prayer campaign, a 24-hour/7days a week prayer, fasting and vigil before the abortion site, begging God to keep it from opening.

  Tomorrow at 6 p.m. pro-lifers are requested to come to the Aurora City Hall and voice their opinions. The council holds semi-monthly meetings which the public is free to attend. At the end of each meeting, there is an open comment time. Calling on pro-lifers to pack City Hall this Tuesday, Scheidler said, "We need to keep the City Council of Aurora up late Tuesday night, listening to the many reasons that we do not want Planned Parenthood to set up shop here in Aurora."

"I’m counting on dozens of pro-lifers to do MORE than just show up Tuesday, but to address the City Council for three minutes and demand a formal investigation into fraud by Planned Parenthood, and the impact their presence would have on the community."

  To contact the City Clerk to speak:
  Phone: (630) 844-3615

  City Hall
  44 East Downer Place
  2nd Floor City Council Chambers

  Time: Tuesday August 28th at 6:00 p.m.

  Information about participation in the 24-hour prayer vigil outside the Aurora abortion clinic is available at:

  View Slideshow of rally event:…

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