By Steve Jalsevac

July 4, 2008 ( – The petition calling for the Morgentaler Order of Canada appointment to be rescinded, reported yesterday on LifeSiteNews, has garnered over 2,000 signatures since it was launched late last night. The list of signers to date and their varied comments can be seen online at: and by clicking on the tab at the top of the page labelled “signatures”.

  See yesterday’s story:
  National Group Launches Petition Calling for Morgentaler Order of Canada Appointment to be Revoked

  Petition organizer Campaign Life Coalition is strongly encouraging wide promotion of the petition, nationally and internationally, to ensure that a very large number of those opposed to the Morgentaler appointment will have the opportunity to add the force of their names to this effort to influence the office of the Governor General and the Prime Minister.

  Campaign Life Coalition has added an additional French version of the petition this evening that will provide all Franco Canadians a better opportunity to participate in the important effort.

  CLC has reported their surprise at the number of signers who have added comments with their names. A review of the comments indicates a considerable outrage among Canadians over this high level government recognition of Canada’s leading abortionist by the Order of Canada Advisory Council.

  Here are the addresses for the different versions of the petition:

  a) Canadian Petition – English:

  a) Canadian Petition – French:
  b) American and International Petition:

  Following are just a few of the numerous comments from signers:

  Bill Iliffe – Edmonton, Alberta
  We need to look at those on the committee who would accept the nomination of such a questionable person. I feel so badly for those who have been honoured in the past, who are now listed with Henry Morgentaler. Rescind A.S.A.P.

  John Abelseth – Richmond, BC
  I am stunned!! If my grandmother were alive today, she would return her Order of Canada, I am sure; Is this award not supposed to be for deeds of greatness which will help our country to be a better place for all people? The dead babies gave their lives, but they are not eligible for an Order of Canada, are they? How many of them would have been?

  Jane Huijsmans – Mill Bay, BC
  When Dr. Morgentaler first started abortions, I was young woman and the arguments for abortion made sense to me. At that time there were no ultrasounds routinely ordered. Now having had children of my own, I cannot imagine watching the abortion process through ultrasound or other imaging. If people actually watched an abortion before making a decision, it is my belief that almost no one would opt for this. In what other areas of public or private life do we say “don’t look at the picture, whatever your do.” While Dr. Morgentaler may have good intentions, by not allowing everyone to “see” exactly what is going on in an abortion, the harm that he has done to women and unborn babies remains hidden. Please let’s reward someone who does some real good for our citizens.

  Marlon Bartram – Kelowna, British Columbia
  As a bereaved father of an aborted baby, I am deeply offended that Morgentaler has been awarded the Order of Canada.

  Anthony Danko – Oakville, Ontario
  A highjacked process and a very bad decision. Shameful.

  Veronika Repka Lakefield, Ontario
  I came to Canada over 20 years ago, from Slovakia. I am seriously considering going back because I’m very disappointed from Canada. It in a moral decay, and I simply can’t take it.

  Timothy Jordan – St. John’s, Newfoundland
  If Henry Morgentaler is an exemplary Canadian, then my father and grandfather who fought in the world wars were fighting for the wrong side. On July 9th, I will be flying the Maple Leaf upside down. What an insult to the many fine people who have worked so hard to try to create a culture of life!

  John Sozio – Barrie, Ontario
  This decision is indeed a dark moment in Canada’s history.

  Jeanine Van Damme – Alvinston, Ontario
  There are no words to describe the pain I feel to see a man honoured who is responsible for the death of thousands of innocent beings and for the advancement of the culture of death. Deep, deep sorrow. Has Canada really come to this?

  Mark Westen – Barry’s Bay, Ontario
  Is Canada glorying in its shame? Dr. Morgentaler should not even have been considered for this award. This bestowing of the Order of Canada was clearly politically motivated. What an obvious afront. Agenda driven politicos should at least try to be more subtle.

  John Laws – Toronto, Ontario
  I most emphatically support this petition to revoke this award.

  Robert Quinlan – Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
  Canada is about life….not DEATH!

  Ken Yost – Winnipeg, Manitoba
  This ranks among the worst days in Canadian history, the celebration of a purveyor of violence on the innocent.

  Frank E. D’Angelo – Toronto, Ontario
  George Orwell’s prophetic novel,”1984″, was accurate except Mr. Orwell should’ve used Canada as the setting. This is the greatest human rights issue in history. When the law once again protects our preborn children, and the truth is finally told, the world will want to know where you stood on this issue.

  Diane Paquette – Brampton, Ontario
  I am, for the first time in my life, very sad to be a Canadian.

  Dr Reg Gallop – Winnipeg, Manitoba
  If Dr Morgentaler had really wanted to benefit women, their babies and Canada, he would have done his best to offer, and have improved, all the medical/social services that pregnant women require, for the good of all parties. Killing their babies, only compounds their problems, and gravely harmed them, and our Nation.

  Bishop Robert D. Redmile – Richmond, British Columbia
  For a nation such as Canada even to contemplate awarding one of its highest honours to such a despicable purveyor of death as Henry Morgentaler has been is unconscionable, and brings shame down upon those whom we trust to make such decisions.

  Anita Durette – Fredericton, New Brunswick
  I have suffered immensely after having two legal abortions in the early 1970’s without being properly informed of the reality of abortion and it’s lasting aftermath! I do not want to see Henry Morgentaler honored for his contribution to killing innocent children.

  James Burnham – Saint John, New Brunswick
  For the first time, I am beginning to feel shame as part of my identity as a Canadian citizen. Please undo this terrible wrong.

  John Killackey – Mississauga, Ontario
  May this abuse of Canada’s highest honour be “the straw the breaks the camel’s back” in the pro-abortion movement in Canada.

  Susan Holmes – Antigonish, Nova Scotia
  Are we this desparate in Canada? Have we run out of ‘heros’ to honor? Do we now have to start giving Canada’s top honor to criminals and those who invest their lives in deviding our country? As a woman in Canada I would be ashamed to think that my rights came at the expense of a child’s life. If this award is allowed to stand I AM ASHAMED, AS A WOMAN, of the decisions my nation is making. Any woman, whether pro-life or pro-choice, should be.

  Tom Padberg – San Clement, California
  If this award stands, history will identify this action as the moment of Canada’s GREAT SHAME.

  Antony Gray – Chelmsford, Essex, Great Britain
  What sort of a person is the Canadian voter to allow such a government to take control over their lives and after Canada’s heroic history to throw all the effort over the centuries away to despotic parties. Wake up Canadians before you find you are another MugabeLand.