WASHINGTON, December 18, 2003 ( – The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has released the seventh annual assisted reproductive technology (ART) report detailing the 2002 success rates for 384 fertility clinics around the country. A analysis of the figures reveals that over 220,000 human embryos created through the process died and only 40,687 survived to birth.

The report did not detail how many embryos died without being transferred into their mothers’ wombs, nor did it detail the number of embryos which were frozen for later use or ‘donated’ for scientific research.

The report concerns in vitro fertilization and two related procedures.  It reveals that on average three human embryos at a time are transferred to mother’s wombs in the hopes that they survive the transplant and develop normally.  The report indicates that there were 65,363 transfers (using on average 3 embryos each) for embryos from non-donor, non-frozen eggs, 12,700 transfers for frozen embryos from non-donor eggs, and 10,700 transfers using donor eggs.

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