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(LifeSiteNews) — Resistance to the LGBT agenda now spans legislatures, schools, and churches across the country and world, bringing division among Catholic and Anglican bishops, and now among Methodist pastors as well.  

More than 5,000 congregations have left the United Methodist Church (UMC), the second-largest Protestant denomination in the U.S., over its pro-LGBT stance. The “disaffiliation” movement saw churches leaving in droves over the past several weeks, with UM News, the official news service of the UMC, reporting the disaffiliation of 5,458 churches just this year and 25,500 Methodist churches remaining. 

According to reports, the mass exodus of Methodist churches comes after “liberal leaders in the UMC disregarded a 2019 vote upholding the church’s ban on ordaining LGBT clergy and officiating at or hosting same-sex weddings.” 

In 2022, Fox News reported that “several conservative members of the Methodist clergy” stated that “far from settling the issue, however, the 2019 vote was disregarded by many liberal leaders within the UMC who decided to remain in the denomination while commissioning openly gay clergy and officiating same-sex weddings anyway.” 

In 2019, the Methodist General Conference also “approved a church law allowing UMC churches to leave with their church property if two-thirds of their congregation and regional governor body approved,” paving the way for the current mass exodus over the open acceptance of the LGBT agenda. 

The backlash confronting the attempt to normalize homosexuality and transgender ideology and practices within the Methodist church is being witnessed similarly in legislatures at home and abroad, as well as the commercial market and within the episcopal hierarchy of the Catholic and Anglican churches. 

Numerous states have now banned to varying degrees the mutilation and chemical castration of children through so-called “transitional” surgeries and puberty blockers. The government of Uganda recently increased its criminal penalties for sodomy and homosexual child rape. The Anglican bishops of several African countries broke communion with the Anglican church of England for its approval of the blessing of same-sex unions.  

And although several dissident Catholic U.S. bishops and cardinals openly support or silently allow the LGBT agenda, even celebrating so-called “Pride Masses” in the name of a heretical inclusion of those who do not accept Catholic teaching on sexual morality, the Catholic bishops of the U.S. have firmly condemned transgender ideology and the mutilation of children being aggressively pushed by the LGBT movement. 

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America and the world are waking up to the “woke culture” being pushed on them and are beginning in earnest to push back against the insanity. The fallout within the Methodist church is but the latest brick to fall from the collapsing dam and is perhaps a truly hopeful sign in the skies of the momentum to reclaim our culture and families while we still can. 


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