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One of the rosary rally groups in CanadaCanada Needs Our Lady

(LifeSiteNews) — This past weekend, hundreds of Rosary rallies occurred across Canada as hundreds of people gathered to beg Our Lady’s intercession for their country.

Organizers announced that more than 770 groups joined forces on Saturday to pray the Rosary across the country, including on Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa.

The objective of Canada Needs Our Lady, a campaign run by the Canadian Society for the Defense of Christian Civilization, is to “obtain the return of Canada to God through the means proposed by Our Lady of Fatima,” and to “win hearts and minds for Our Lady.”

“We do this every year, trying to approach more people, to promote our Catholic faith, and to try to have people pray,” said an employee of the Society, fittingly named Lourdes. “So that’s how it started, with the idea of trying to promote our Catholic faith, and these rosary rallies are just one way to promote our faith.”

The Society, a non-for-profit organization that was incorporated in 2013, aims “to advance religion by the promotion of the religious teachings, tenets, doctrines, morals, and observances of the Roman Catholic faith and their application to individuals, families, and society in Christian culture and civilization.”

Lourdes said that devotion to Mary is extremely important in today’s society as well as showing the world the goodness of Catholicism.

“There are so many things going wrong everywhere,” she said. “So, trying to show that good side of being a Catholic is important, and that’s our main mission – to try to promote our Catholic faith in a way that is good, [to show] the way that it should be done.”

One of the groups participating in the rosary rally was the Saint Joan of Arc Community, which meets every Thursday to pray for an end to COVID tyranny in Canada and was founded in order to “provide a community of support” for Catholics who “firmly oppose Covid Vaccine Apartheid, as is currently practice in Canada, and any future exercises in totalitarian oppression.”

“Enough with playing defense,” the group’s motto reads. “We need to attack.”

“Given the gravity of the precarious situation of our freedoms surrounding COVID, the time has come to form a prayer group specifically dedicated to fight this tyrannical darkness, which is getting bolder and stronger with each passing day,” its website, Maid of Orleans, states. “More and more, it is becoming obvious that we need Our Lady’s intercession in a dramatic way. Surely, she cannot turn us away.”

The Saint Joan of Arc Community in Ottawa participated in the Canada Needs Our Lady Campaign on Saturday, praying together at Parliament Hill.

In an email on Sunday, the Community thanked all the “faithful souls” who participated, along with a reminder about the importance of Our Lady.

“Many people wonder why Our Lady is so important in the battle against Hell,” the email stated. “To understand Our Lady’s role, we must understand God’s character which demands perfect justice and perfect vindication.”

“And His victory requires perfect fittingness, as well,” it continued.

The email reminded its readers that it is through Mary that the devil is defeated.

“Our Lady’s victory, of course, is ultimately God’s victory working through her, since Our Lady has no power other than through her Son’s victory on the Cross.”