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BRASILIA, Brazil (LifeSiteNews) — The statue of the Pachamama made its appearance in Brazil at a Mass for the Regional Assemblies of Latin America and the Caribbean during the continental-stage meetings of the Synod on Synodality. Photos shows several bishops concelebrating the Mass with the pagan idol prominently featured in the sanctuary in front of the ambo.

The Diocese of San José de Mayo posted the photo on Facebook, celebrating the event.

In a homily given at the closing Mass of the Regional Assembly, which took place from March 6 to March 10 in Brasilia, Bishop Pedro Jubinville, vice president of the Paraguayan Episcopal Conference, with the pantheistic language of cultic nature religions — such as those in which the Incan idol of the Pachamama, “mother earth,” is worshiped — emphasized listening “to the land, the flora, the water,” and the “cry of the earth.”

“Synodality makes us listen not only to the ecclesial organization but also to the land, the flora, the water, also to the peoples, the communities,” Jubinville said. “A great effort of ‘mapping’ is being prepared that is not only a collection of data but an exercise of listening to what the territory tells us, a ritual of belonging and thanksgiving for the concrete land where we are.”

These rituals, the bishop insisted, are a way of “celebrating a belonging to land, which is a space that is always human,” affirming that “these networks can give us clues to respond to the great call of Laudato Sí and the cry of the earth.”

Unsurprisingly, together with the emergence of the Pachamama, the inclusion of LGBT ideology and those who live according to such lifestyles also made the agenda for the assembly.

Sister Eliane Cordeiro, president of the Conference of Religious of Brazil (CRB), insisted that synodality includes “the spirituality of welcome and itinerancy, where there is room for everyone.”

“When we enlarge, as the prophet Isaiah asks us, we widen to embrace, so that everyone may fit in this tent,” she said. As might be expected, this meant for Cordeiro that the Church needed to do more to include women, married priests, LGBTQIA+, and indigenous peoples.

Expressing apparent disdain for the priesthood, the divinely established ecclesiastical hierarchy, and cloistered religious life, she said, “The most contrary to Jesus’ plan is the cloister in a hierarchical and clerical Church. When we talk about widening the tent, we are saying that in the Church of Jesus it is necessary to accommodate everyone.”

While the attempt to push the ordination of women to the priesthood, the acceptance of LGBT ideology, and the globalist climate change agenda has marked the Synod on Synodality from the beginning and has its patrons at the highest levels of the Church in Rome, the reappearance of the Pachamama idol has brought the synodal proceedings full circle.

As was widely reported at the time, in October 2019, just prior to the opening of the Amazon Synod in Rome, a pagan ceremony took place in the Vatican Gardens in which Pachamama idols were worshipped with dancing, prayers, prostrations, and incense as Pope Francis and other top-ranking prelates looked on. The October 4 ritual, captured on video, shows Pope Francis blessing the pagan statue before receiving it as a gift.

The idols were subsequently carried in procession, set in a place of prominence during the Synodal proceedings, and placed at several altars in the Church of Santa Maria in Transpotina near St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome before being thrown into the Tiber River in a celebrated act of Catholic defiance of the scandalous honoring of the pagan fertility goddess.

Shortly after the Amazon Synod, German Bishop Erwin Kräutler commented on the controversy surrounding the presence of the Pachamama statutes at the ceremonies in the Vatican. The German Catholic newspaper Die Tagespost reported on his words and quoted him as saying that the Pachamama statues were a “form of expression of the indigenous people,” which could be “integrated into our liturgy.”

However, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, the host of EWTN’s “Scripture and Tradition” show, denounced the honor shown the Pachamama statues as idolatrous. “The introduction of the Pachamama into the Synod on the Amazon is something that is a major scandal,” he said.  “We are forbidden to have idols. We are forbidden to worship other gods.”

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