PALM BEACH, December 23, 2003 ( – The Town of Palm Beach, Florida will not allow public display of the Christmas Nativity alongside existing Jewish Menorahs on Town property.  In a special session of the Town Council held Tuesday morning, Town officials declined to vote on a request to allow Nativity displays alongside town-sanctioned Menorahs.  The decision by the Town Council comes a week after a federal lawsuit was brought by the Thomas More Law Center, a national public interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan on behalf of Palm Beach residents Maureen Donnell and Fern deNarvaez.  The lawsuit alleged that the Town of Palm Beach is discriminating against Christians by refusing to allow the Christian Nativity to be displayed alongside the Menorahs.  Town officials have repeatedly refused to review requests to display the Nativity, and held the session Tuesday only after being compelled by a federal judge.  Richard Thompson, Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Law Center expressed his disbelief at the Town’s continued arrogance.  “The Town of Palm Beach has refused for months to review requests to display the Christian Nativity, and now under pressure from a federal judge has again refused to rule on the request.”  Thompson emphasized that requests made by residents have specifically asked for the Christian Nativity to appear equally alongside the Jewish Menorahs. “Our clients have requested from the beginning to have the Nativity displayed alongside the approved Menorahs.  The double standard used by the Town is as shocking as it is offensive.”