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(LifeSiteNews) — A Canadian political commentator said in a Facebook post on Monday that an unidentified school in British Columbia had distributed political pamphlets to students that called Conservatives “an ultra-right-wing party.”

“Disgusted (but not surprised) to see this anti-conservative propaganda being handed out and distributed at a BC school earlier this month,” Aaron Gund wrote in his post.

The pamphlet painted Conservatives as a party that “stands for privatization” and wishes to “privatize health care,” “sell water to American/international companies,” “continue subsidizing the oil industry to the tune of $5.9 billion Canadian per year,” and “decrease non-European immigration” as well as “raise taxes on the poor/middle-class while lowering taxes for the rich.”

In comparison to the negative portrayal of Conservatives, the pamphlet was more complimentary of the NDP, Liberal, and Green parties.

“The New Democratic Party follows the will of the people, believing that listening to the people is the most important part of politics,” the pamphlet stated. “If the people want a better environment, healthcare, education and economy, it’s up to the NDP to figure out a way of balancing the best of all these.”

The pamphlet also mentioned that the Liberal Party stands for “equal rights for gays and lesbians, investing in alternative energy, better housing policies for the poor, raising the minimum wage, standing up for Canadian sovereignty and human rights,” and “saying no to the possibility of privatization.”

The pamphlet also took a jab at the United States government, saying the Green Party is “more worried about a sustainable economy than a competitive economy.” It added, “(Basically, the idea is what’s the use of having an economy like the United States that will collapse in 20 years?)”

Gunn offered “(a) reminder, that while there are many good teachers out there, it is ultimately your responsibility, as a parent, to ensure your child isn’t being indoctrinated with garbage like this,” he said.