SANTA ANA, Calif., Sept 30 (LSN) – This morning, the Associated Press reported that only one doctor of a team of three who were involved in an embryo-swapping scandal, is facing trial. Dr. Sergio Stone, is being charged with fraud and conspiracy.

However, the charges in this public trial make no mention of the egg- and embryo-swapping that led to more than 100 lawsuits and cost $18.4 million so far. Stone and his partners worked at the University of California-Irvine Center for Reproductive Health, which was closed in 1995.

Dr. Ricardo Asch, the head of the operation has left the country and now practices in Mexico City. Dr. Jose Balmaceda, the other party, has also duped authorities by leaving the country and is practicing in Chile. The two are accused of taking patients’ eggs and embryos from storage and giving them to other patients without their consent or knowledge. Authorities are investigating at least 15 cases where babies were born of questionable parentage. _