LONDON, Ontario, December 19, 2013 ( – A family in an Ontario Catholic school board is outraged after their child brought home a police brochure that tells students where they “can get answers to their sexual health questions” and obtain “birth control, and the morning after pill.” The pamphet tells students to “report homophobic” behaviour, which critics fear could mean kids are targeted simply for stating the Christian belief that homosexual acts are sinful.

The brochure, titled “Take back your school from Hate Crimes,” was put out by the London Police Service in partnership with The HBT Working Group, a homosexual activist group. It appears to be circulating in schools of the London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB).

“If you’re a victim of a hate crime, or of hate-motivated bullying, or if you witness such acts, you should…report immediately,” the brochure directs students.


Parents say the brochure allows a student to be reported to the police who vocally opposes homosexuality. They worry that a student could be reported for quoting passages from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which call homosexual acts “intrinsically disordered” (CCC 2357), or from the Bible where homosexual acts are presented as contrary to nature and God's plan for sexuality (Romans 1:24-32).

“If someone says something opposing homosexuality, homosexual acts or homosexual relationships, will they be reported to the Hate Crime’s Unit or more likely a Human Rights Commission for making ‘homophobic’ comments,’” a concerned parent told under condition of anonymity.

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“This to me could put any of us – our children and also parents – at risk of charges, whether federal or, more likely, through human rights commission complaints, for expressing deeply-held beliefs around sexuality, marriage and family.”

The London Police Service states on the front of the brochure its “commit[ment] to working with our community partners to eliminate hate-based behavior by encouraging the reporting of criminal activity”.

The London Police Service did not respond to for comment by press time.

The brochure lists endorsements from more than a dozen homosexual activist organizations, some of which have directly attacked the Roman Catholic Church and her moral teaching. The brochure offers Catholic students ways to contact a few of these organizations.

The LDCSB did not respond by press time to asking why the brochure is in Catholic schools.

Ontario Catholic schools have become hotbeds for homosexual activism after former premier Dalton McGuinty rammed through his Equity and Inclusive education Strategy in June 2012, despite strong opposition from many parent groups and a lack of support from bishops. Bill 13 specifically forced all publicly funded schools, including Catholic schools, to allow gay-straight alliance clubs.


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