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(LifeSiteNews) — Two parents are suing a Nevada school district and school officials over a pornographic class assignment given to their teenage daughter that was required to be completed for a grade.

Candra and Terrell Evans filed a lawsuit on December 16 against the Clark County School District (CCSD), the district’s superintendent, the teacher who assigned sexually explicit material, and both the principal and vice principal of the school where the incident took place.

The complaint, obtained by the Daily Caller, argues that each of the defendants is responsible for partaking in the teacher’s “unlawful grooming and abuse of a minor student, compelling the minor student (and other students) to perform obscene, sexual activity as a class assignment.”

In March 2022, the plaintiffs’ teenage daughter was required to complete a monologue assignment for a class at the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts. Each student was tasked with writing his or her own monologue, which would then be given to a classmate to memorize and perform. This collective assignment was required to be completed for a grade.

Kelly Hawes, the teenager’s drama teacher, required the student to memorize and perform the following explicit monologue in front of the class:

“I don’t love you. It’s not you, it’s just (looks down) your d***. I don’t like your d*** or any d*** in that case. I cheated Joe. We were long distance and I’m in college and me and this girl, my roommate, started having some drinks and you know, I thought it was a one-time thing but then we started going out for coffee, and started sleeping in the     same bed. I never thought it would get this far but God [sic], it was like fireworks, and made me realize that with you it was always like a pencil sharpener that keeps getting jammed. I’ve tried to look at it from all different perspectives, but the truth is, I’m a f***ing lesbian. I’ll never love you or any man, or any f***ing d***. I hope you find a nice straight girl because that’s not me, and I’m tired of pretending that it is.”

Upon learning about the assignment, the student’s mother arranged a meeting with Joshua Hager, the school’s assistant principal. Hager promised to resolve the issue, meet with the student only in the company of a female administrator and update her parents about their meeting once it was over. However, the complaint states that he did not fulfill any of these promises.

During another meeting with Hager, principal Scott Walker, Hawes, and a school counselor, the teacher admitted to having assigned the sexualized material. All officials present eventually conceded to the fact that the student was forced to perform the monologue.

“Hawes’ sexual conduct and instruction was a gross violation of her professional responsibilities,” the complaint states. “Hawes’ acts constituted sexual grooming of her students, particularly R.E. [the plaintiffs’ daughter].”

In May, Candra Evans “attempted to speak” to the school board. According to the complaint, she “began to read the obscene material that Hawes had assigned to R.E. to perform.” Before finishing, the concerned mother “was interrupted and told that the statement was profane and improper for a public School Board Meeting.”

Dr. Jesus Jara, the district superintendent, reportedly “cut” her microphone and “spoke over her and prevented her from speaking or using her allotted time to make a public comment.” This incident went viral in a video clip circulated by the conservative Libs of TikTok Twitter account, as previously reported by LifeSiteNews.

Later, the student was confronted by Hawes, who berated her for drawing attention to the problem and for not approaching the teacher first, the complaint explains.

“The Defendants are either victims to their own systemic breakdown and inability to care for the school children under their care or have willfully conspired to cover up the abuse and protect a teacher that appears to have been grooming students to pornographic material and should no longer be teaching or left alone with children.”

“Performing pornography should never be a required high school classroom assignment,” the complaint argues.

The parents are requesting “injunctive relief, including a gag order and a restraining order, to ensure that Hawes or any of the Defendants are not allowed to further harm the Plaintiffs, and not allowed to publicly comment on the case.” They are also asking for “damages in excess of $50,000 for an amount to be determined at trial,” “punitive damages,” and monetary fees to fund attorneys and the lawsuit itself.

According to the complaint, the defendants violated First Amendment rights by forcing the student to read words against her will as well as by denying her mother the opportunity to speak about the situation at a public meeting. The complaint further alleges that Hawes verbally harassed the student for reporting the incident and that the school district failed to protect the student from a teacher who caused her distress, which violates Title IX.

But Candra and Terrell Evans are not the first parents to take legal action against schools that push sexually explicit content on minors. Last summer, a mother in Pennsylvania sued a school district for holding pornographic material in its school library.

A school board in Maine was ordered to pay thousands of dollars to a father it attempted to deny access to public meetings on school grounds for his efforts to expose the district’s sexually explicit content. Last month, Louisiana launched a system that enables and encourages parents to report the presence of inappropriate sexual content being used in public schools.


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