Parents Pressure New Brunswick High Schools To Cancel Homosexual Author’s Lecture

Wed Oct 15, 2008 - 12:15 pm EST

By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

CHARLOTTE COUNTY, NB, October 15, 2008 ( - Parents of students in local high schools in a southwestern New Brunswick district have succeeded in persuading school board officials to change their minds about inviting homosexualist author Alex Sanchez to speak to their children.

Sanchez was scheduled to speak to high school students in St. Stephen, St. Andrews and St. George on Oct. 21, but opposition from the communities resulted in the homosexual activist being disinvited.

Keith Pierce, School District 10 Superintendent, said he changed his mind about allowing the author to speak in area schools after meeting with school principals, according to a CBC report.

"A few of them were getting pressure from a few parents, and they just weren’t comfortable going in that direction," Pierce said, adding that the principals felt their schools were just "not ready" for the kind of presentation that Sanchez would give.

Sanchez is known for his pro-homosexuality teen novel Rainbow Boys, and was being brought to the area by the Charlotte County Rainbow Support Group, a homosexual indoctrination organization.

Lynn Farmakoulas, principal of Fundy High School in St. George, said her school received both positive and negative feedback from the community and clergy about the event.

Farmakoulas told the Telegraph-Journal that when other speakers come to the schools, they provide an outline of what they will be speaking about, but the schools did not have that from Sanchez, and did not know what would be discussed.

She said that this fact, as well as scheduling issues, determined the school’s decision not to allow students to be exposed to the homosexualist’s message.

"We made a decision that we couldn’t take any more time away from the learning of students," said Farmakoulas. "That was the reason we decided not the have the speaker in."

Jay Remer, spokesman for the Rainbow Support Group, said in the Telegraph-Journal report that Sanchez was still coming to New Brunswick, and would give his talk at Wesley United Church in St. Andrews, but was not anticipating much of a turnout.

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